See the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer, But Made in 'Destiny'

Bungie's sci-fi shooter looks more operatic in this fan-made mash-up trailer.


In theory, it’s not overly difficult to make YouTube trailer mash-ups. Take a trailer, swap the video and keep the audio, make sure the timing matches, and voila. You have something the internet can be distracted by for an afternoon. Few are ever remarkable, and it was inevitable that The Force Awakens trailer would get the same treatment.

But YouTube user Sam Goodey did the inevitable and achieved the impossible. He took the new Star Wars trailer but used footage from Destiny and what he made is nothing short of sci-fi majesty.

What’s funny is that Destiny’s story is nothing to write home about. The Taken King expansion was an improvement to the story, but it’s still not a timeless tale like Star Wars. Yet Sam Goodey’s fan-made trailer makes Destiny look like a science-fiction masterpiece, with fun analogs that work like Oryx as Kylo Ren.

Whenever I play Destiny, usually with my best friend and we’re riding Sparrows to our next mission, I get a tiny delusion that I’m living in Star Wars. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s made that comparison.

BTW, there are 49 days left until Force Awakens.

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