Nike Finally Confirms Self-Lacing Sneakers from 'Back to the Future Part II'

A new collection of Nike Air Mags are coming early next year.


It’s not a working hoverboard, but it’s something.

After mercilessly teasing fans leading up to the Back to the Future Day festivities, Nike has revealed that it is making more pairs of Nike Air Mags in honor of the day Doc and Marty travel to the future. But these aren’t just any Nike Air Mags. They’re not the knockoffs you can buy on Amazon or the line of 1,500 replicas the shoe company released in 2011. Nope, these are different.


The new line of Nike Air Mags, which will be released sometime in the spring of next year, will actually be self-lacing just like in the movie. All proceeds from this round of sneakers will go to benefit Parkinson’s research for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The pairs that were released in 2011 raised over $4.7 million for Fox’s foundation, and the amount was even matched by Google cofounder Sergey Brin for a grand total of upwards of $9 million.

Fox is set to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight where more information will be released including how many will be available and for how long.

The shoes were confirmed by a letter that Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, who created the shoes for the movie, sent to Michael J. Fox. Fox then posted the note to his Twitter account.

Be sure to tune into Jimmy Kimmel tonight for more info on how to snag yourself a pair the right way instead of having to pay thousands of dollars later.

As for the original Nikes used in the movie? They sold for an insane amount of money at auction recently.