New Emoji Have Finally Arrived With iPhone 9.1 Update

150 new emoji characters!

Matthew Strauss

Today, Apple released its iOS 9.1 update, which includes highly, highly anticipated emoji additions. Among them are the middle-finger emoji and taco emoji, as well as fun surprises, like the hot dog emoji and a robot emoji.

Grab your iPhone right now and smash that update.

Matthew Strauss

Some may worry about the new emojis, since middle fingers are for hurtful meanies. Emoji maker Unicode Consortium’s President Mark Davis doesn’t give a poo emoji, though.

People are going to use emojis (like the existing eggplant one) however they like, and the makers are very aware of that. Now there are just more than ever! And they can express very particular feelings, like anger (middle-finger emoji), sadness (middle-finger emoji), resentment (middle-finger emoji), or boredom (middle-finger emoji).

Oh shit.

Noam Galai/Getty Images for The Shorty Awards
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