New 'Twin Peaks' Trailer Reminds Us That It Is Actually Coming

...in 2017. Here's the latest teaser.

Though Showtime’s reboot of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s groundbreaking Twin Peaks was originally slated to premiere next year, a delay in negotiating the terms of Lynch’s contract (and a jump from a nine to eighteen-episode series) means that there’s a 99% chance the series won’t hit the air until 2017. But Showtime doesn’t want us to forget it’s coming — thus, a new Peaks trailer (the first since the initial announcement of the series a year ago) premiered during last night’s season premiere of Homeland.

The footage from the teaser is old, taken mostly from the third episode of the series’ first season. This is in Agent Cooper’s initial dream in the “Red Room” of the Black Lodge, when the mysterious caretaker of that room, the “Man From Another Place” (played by Michael J. Anderson) speaks in reverse before launching into a little soft-shoe. The room starts strobing. In the original series, Cooper gets roped into a make-out session with the dream instantiation of the dead Laura Palmer, but none of that crops up here.

Showtime wants to keep us excited for new Peaks (and Lynch, for that matter, who hasn’t released a project in a while), and it’s working. It’s only unfortunate that our thoughts of the new series have been marred by the untimely death of the show’s beloved “Log Lady” — Catherine Coulson — only last week.

Check out a trailer for the original Twin Peaks:

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