The 'Fallout 4' PipBoy Character System Has Been Overhauled

Going underground has its perks.

Fallout 4 is fast-approaching with its release date, November 10, just around the corner. A new video released by Bethesda shows off the comprehensive character system with the in-game PipBoy device, narrated by the delightful Todd Howard.

Needless to say, Fallout’s leveling system has received quite the overhaul.

First, it looks great. The cute animations are evocative of Fallout Shelter (probably the point) and are a step-up from Fallout 3’s retro-futuristic black and green, which were hard to look at after several hours.

The new Perks are pretty rad. Some aren’t new, some are, but the way they’re being implemented couldn’t be simpler. The leveling tree looks intimidating at first, but it’s actually kind of simple. Bethesda’s blog explains it best:

“The first choice you make, early in the game, is the starting value from 1 to 10 of your 7 SPECIALs: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck.
When selecting your starting SPECIALs, you can assign 28 points. This makes it difficult to initially max out certain SPECIALs, but you can still start with a 10 if you choose to neglect others. Even though you pick your SPECIALS early before the bombs fall, we do let you change them when exiting the Vault into the Wasteland, after you’ve played for a little.
Leveling is experience point (XP) based like Fallout 3, not skill-based like Skyrim. But levelling speed is closer to Skyrim, and not as slow as Fallout 3. This means you’ll be getting more opportunities, especially early on, to level up and select a Perk. Additionally, whereas Fallout 3 had an initial level cap of 20, Fallout 4 has no level cap, and we’ve balanced the game to keep the content and challenge going for higher levels.
When you level up, you select a Perk, from a Perk chart within the game.”

And check out the chart, which will come with all physical pre-orders of Fallout 4.

Bethesda Softworks

In addition, you can gain or level up individual perks by collecting cool comic books scattered throughout the game’s bombed-out Boston. The Barbarian perk can be leveled up by collecting these Grognak books.

Bethesda Softworks

If comic books actually gave me super strength I could powerbomb John Cena through a table. If only.

Fallout 4 will be released November 10 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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