Check Out This New 360-Degree 'Star Wars' Facebook VR Demo

The opening shot of the 'Force Awakens' teaser trailer just got immersive.


The first shot of the teaser trailer for The Force Awakens of Rey’s speeder racing across the new desert planet of Jakku, a massive Star Destroyer wrecked in the background, gave us more to look at in three seconds than the prequel trilogy combined. True to form, you can now gawk at it for even longer.

Part of Facebook’s recently introduced 360-degree videos includes immersive clips from Discovery, LeBron James, Saturday Night Live, and Vice. Those are all well and good, but the best one is the minute-long video that builds a first-person ride from the trailer shot from Star Wars.

The immersive experience of buzzing through Jakku is a nice little bit of marketing for The Force Awakens, not that it needed it. But it’s also a small window into Lucasfilm’s new VR immersion department called the ILMxLab, which previously hinted that it’s working on virtual reality experiences for Jurassic Park and the original Star Wars trilogy. This new 360-degree video is the first time we’ve seen the lab credited. The work is strong with this one.

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