'Clone Wars' Season 7 star debunks release date leaks. Reveal coming "soon."

He also teased a huge Darth Maul spoiler from the upcoming final season on Disney+.


Back in December, Disney’s website briefly revealed that the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 release date would arrive on February 17. That information was quickly scrubbed from the site, but not before it could spread like flametrooper fire across the internet. However, according to a recent interview from recurring Clone Wars voice actor Sam Witwer, that Season 7 release date it total bunk, though there is a big reveal coming “soon.”

In an hour-long interview on Naomi Kyle’s YouTube channel, Witwer, who’s voiced various cartoon and video game characters, offered unprecedented insight into the upcoming seventh and final season of Clone Wars, including a big spoiler about one of his own iconic characters: Darth Maul.

On the topic of the Clone Wars Season 7 release date, here’s what Witwer had to say:

“I don’t know exactly. I know there was a date that came out that wasn’t accurate for next month, but they haven’t announced it. So it could be next month, it could be three months from now, I’m not really sure. But I think they’re probably gonna reveal the release date soon.”

Hear that? The February 17 release date was wrong! However, an official announcement is coming “soon,” even if we may still be a few months away from the actual return of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Darth Maul in 'The Clone Wars'


On the topic of Darth Maul, Witwer teased one very exciting scene from Clone Wars Season 7 featuring the iconic Sith villain. Witwer has voiced Maul throughout Clone Wars, Rebels, various video games, and even in Solo, but the physical performance is often based on the original Phantom Menace actor, Ray Park. For Season 7, Lucasfilm was able to bring Park back and use motion-capture technology to create one particularly exciting sequence that was even choreographed by the martial artist/actor.

Again, here’s Witwer:

“In Clone Wars it is still both of us. We’ve brought him over to our side, and he mo-caps Maul for Clone Wars. So I’m continuing to voice, but you’re getting that physical… [Witwer gets cut off by Naomi Kyle before eventually picking up the same thread] … They made an experiment. They wanted to do it for a very specific sequence in the episodes, and I can’t give away too much, but it needed to be Ray. It’s coming up.”

That’s pretty exciting news! Especially considering that we may never get a sequel to Solo, which ended with a big reveal that Darth Maul was secretly controlling the crime syndicate Crimson Dawn, it’s nice to know we’ll get some sort of closure on this Sith fan-favorite in Clone Wars Season 7 — including what sounds like a pretty epic fight scene.

Could 'Clone Wars' Season 7 top Darth Maul's epic fight scene in 'The Phantom Menace'?


More broadly, on the topic of The Clone Wars Season 7 and how it wraps up one of the most unwieldy stories in Star Wars, Witwer seems confident that the team has created something both fans and George Lucas will enjoy.

“What I’m most excited for with The Clone Wars is, I’ve always heard hints of how they wanted to finish the show. To read the script and say, ‘Oh this is the best Clone Wars script.’ And to see that there’s some really new, unusual things that we’re gonna see in this — I’m trying not to get fired. I really want to fans to like it, for sure, but I really, really want George Lucas to like it. I want him to see it and go, ‘Yeah, that’s the intent, that’s what we wanted to do.’ That’s the intent. That’s what we wanted to do.”

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 premieres in early 2020 on Disney+.

Watch the full interview below: