'Mandalorian' trailers may have already revealed what happens in Episode 2

That big cliffhanger ending might already be resolved.


The Mandalorian Episode 1 ended on a pretty big cliffhanger. Lucky for us, Episode 2 airs in just a few days on Friday, November 15, but if you can’t wait that long, an earlier trailer for the entire Star Wars show may have already revealed what happens next on the Disney+ original series.

What happens next to Mando and his new 50-year-old friend? Here’s what we already know.

Spoilers for The Mandalorian Episode 1 and speculation for Episode 2 ahead.

Ok, so as you probably know by now, The Mandalorian’s first episode set our hero on a mission to collect a bounty on a 50-year-old “asset.” However, it turned out that asset was actually a baby alien from the same species as Yoda. (Remember, Yoda was 900 years old in Empire Strikes Back so it makes sense his species would be babies at age 50).

Anyway, Episode 1’s big cliffhanger essentially asks what our pal Mando will do with this asset. It seems likely he won’t follow his original orders to kill it, but will he bring this Yoda-baby to the people who wanted it dead in the first place (and seem to be connected to the now-defunct Galactic Empire) or will he break his contract and protect the “asset” instead?

We can’t say for sure, but one detail in an earlier trailer for The Mandalorian could reveal how this conflict plays out. As redditor u/alcatrazcgp points out, a single screenshot shows what happens next.

'The Mandalorian'


If you don’t recognize that character with the gold helmet, it’s the Mandalorian blacksmith who makes a new piece of armor for Pedro Pascal’s character in Episode 1. Here’s a better photo:

Notice the same blue flames?


Why does this matter? Well, if Mando refuses to hand over the baby, we have a feeling those Stormtroopers from Episode 1 won’t take the news very well. And if they can’t find the Mandalorian in question, maybe they’ll try to get some information out of one of the last people who saw him.

So based on this screenshot, we can assume that Mando will be on the run pretty soon, even if this doesn’t happen as early as Episode 2. And once those Stormtroopers do show up, we’re a little worried about what might happen to the blacksmith — and what she might reveal about her bounty hunter friend.

The Mandalorian Episode 2 airs Friday, November 15 on Disney+.

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