Does 'Doctor Sleep' have a post-credits scene? A spoiler free guide

Does this 'Shining' sequel set up a third movie?


The Shining probably didn’t need a sequel, but that didn’t stop horror master Stephen King from writing one or rising horror director Mike Flanagan from bringing it to the big screen. And, honestly, we’re glad they did, because Doctor Sleep is an excellent thriller that tells a gripping new story while also paying tribute to a classic. It’s also a sequel though, which begs the question: Does it set up another movie in the Shining Cinematic Universe (copyright pending) with a post-credits scene after the ending?

Here’s what you need to know about the Doctor Sleep post-credits scene (or a lack thereof). Read on for a spoiler-free guide to what comes after the movie’s ending, right after this photo of Ewan McGregor looking like a boss at the premiere.

Here's Ewie!

Warner/Stewart Cook

So is there an after-credits scene in Doctor Sleep? Short answer: No. As soon as the movie is over you can get up and go home, where you’ll most likely spend the night trying to get a few particularly ghastly images out of your head. Again no spoilers, but let’s just say, this movie more than matches The Shining when it comes to gross-out horror.

There’s also a very good reason why Doctor Sleep doesn’t have a post-credits scene. This isn’t some made-up new story designed to capitalize on the success of The Shining, it’s an actual novel written by Stephen King that explores the wider world suggested by the events of the original story.

King never wrote a third book in this series (at least not yet). So Doctor Sleep has nothing to tease with a post-credits scene. And considering the general tone of this movie, a goofier moment packed in after the credits would feel very out of the place. Better to just let the movie speak for itself.

Doctor Sleep officially premieres in the U.S. on November 8, but you may be able to see it tonight at your local theater.

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