Zack Snyder Debunking Robin in 'Batman v. Superman' Confirms Robin

One possibility ruled out leaves a thousand other possible choices.

Warner Bros.

It’s been known for some time that Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice won’t just be Batman v.’ing Superman. Set for Mar. 25 of next year, the film is a cape-heavy pregame to 2017’s Justice League Part 1 with loads of other DC characters. Among them is the Boy Wonder, Robin. But who will wear the mask of Batman’s sidekick?

Not his son. Contrary to rumors, Zack Snyder told Yahoo! that his teenage son, who often cameos in his movies, will not be portraying the Boy Wonder.

“There’s a rumor that my son is [playing] Robin. It’s not true.” You can’t get more point blank than that, although Snyder admits that it’s “fun to hear and see” fan-made Photoshops of his son as Robin.

More interesting than not knowing who will be Robin is that Robin is in it at all. The Comic-Con trailer for Dawn of Justice shows an unworn, vandalized Robin costume, but that didn’t mean Robin would be definitely in it. The way Snyder talks about the character is like he’s saying Well, duh, of course he’s in it.

Of course, the hoopla surrounding his son is Snyder’s fault, who posted a picture (on his private Instagram account, but was shared) of his son with the caption “Boy wonder?” He should know it’s 2015 and that the internet eats this crap up.

The extent of Robin’s inclusion in Dawn of Justice and future DC superhero movies is unknown, as is the actor set to portray him. But at least we know it won’t be Snyder Jr.