'BoJack' Season 6 Part 2 release date, trailer, and plot for the Netflix finale

Everything you need to know about the final eight episode of 'BoJack Horseman.'


Everyone’s favorite sad horse is riding into the sunset, but before BoJack says goodbye forever, we’re getting a two-part final season of Bojack Horseman on Netflix. Part 1, started strong but flailed near the end of its eight-episode run before closing on a tantalizing cliffhanger, and BoJack Season 6 Part 2 will bring the story to an end by resurrecting some of the worst skeletons in ole’ BoJack’s walk-in closet.

Assuming you’ve already binged through Part 1 and you’re desperately waiting for the big finale, here’s everything we know about BoJack Season 6 Part 2, from the release date and trailer to plot details and why Bojack Horseman is ending anyway.

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What is the release date for BoJack Season 6 Part 2?

This one’s easy. The final episodes of BoJack hit Netflix on January 31, 2020.

How many episodes will there be in BoJack Season 6 Part 2?

As far as we know, we’re getting eight more episodes in January. That means Season 6 will run 16 episodes in total, which is pretty long for a Netflix series.

Is there a trailer yet for BoJack Season 6 Part 2?

No, but it could come relatively soon. The Season 6 Part 1 trailer dropped on September 27, almost a month before the season premiere on October 25. So the Part 2 trailer could arrive in late December or very early January at the latest.

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What’s the plot of BoJack Season 6, Part 2?

Spoilers for Season 6 Part 1 ahead.

Part 1 ended with a pair of reporters digging up clues about some of the worst moments in BoJack’s sordid past, including that time he kissed his childhood friend’s daughter and the death of his old Horsin’ Around co-star Sarah Lynn. So we assume these revelations will play a major role in Part 2 as they come to light, forcing the show’s main character to confront some of the worst choices he’s ever made.

BoJack Season 6 Part 2 will likely also wrap up other various plotlines for the rest of the characters. Princess Carolyn is slowly acclimating to life as a single mom, while Mr. Peanutbutter has admitted to his fiancé Pickles that he cheated on her. For both supporting characters, you can expect some sort of closure in the series finale.

Meanwhile, Diane’s struggles both in love and in the turbulent media business will likely continue, and it’s possible that her investigations into WhiteWhale (the conglomerate that swallowed up her employer) could play a major role in the show’s final episodes. We’ll likely also spend some time with BoJack’s cousin Hollyhock, who appears to be suffering from some residual trauma after her time with BoJack, along with his old co-star Gina Cazador and director Kelsey Jannings, who are both worse off after crossing paths with Mr. Horseman.

Oh, and Todd will keep being Todd. So by the end of Season 6, he’ll probably be President of the United States or something like that.

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Wait! Why is BoJack ending?

Look, shows end, and six seasons is a pretty good run, especially for Netflix. That said, we definitely wouldn’t complain if BoJack kept going beyond Season 6, and we can’t blame the show’s creators for moving on to other projects.

In this case, however, it seems clear that Netflix was the one to decide when the show would end, though at least the company gave BoJack a chance to give a proper goodbye. On Twitter, series star Aaron Paul (Todd) confirmed that it was the streaming giant’s choice:

“We had a wonderful time making Bojack. Couldn’t be more proud. Fell in love with these characters just like everyone else did but sadly Netflix thought it was time to close the curtains and so here we are. They gave us a home for 6 beautiful years. Nothing we could do about it.”

We’ve also seen confirmation that the end of BoJack has nothing to do with the recent, successful unionization efforts by the show’s animators. We previously guessed that this might be to blame for Season 6’s slight delay, but considering the extra-long episode count, we’re guessing it just took a little longer to nail the finale.

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