'El Camino 2': Does the ending set up a sequel? Let's talk spoilers.

This 'Breaking Bad' movie might just be the beginning...


El Camino is finally here, and if you’re anything like me, you woke up early and watched the new Jesse-focused Breaking Bad movie this morning (extra points if you stayed up late to catch it at 3 a.m.). But as my high starts to fade and I come crashing down to earth, I can’t help but wonder what’s next.

Does Vince Gilligan have another Breaking Bad movie in him? Can we expect an El Camino 2 anytime soon? Maybe even a new Breaking Bad Cinematic Universe? (BBCU, patent pending.) Or is Better Call Saul Season 5 the only thing fans have to look forward to?

To find out, we’ll have to take a closer look at the ending of El Camino to figure out if the movie sets up a sequel. So yes, that means spoilers ahead. Cool? Let’s dive in.

'El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie'


Let’s get this out of the way up front. Unlike Walter White, who definitely died in the Breaking Bad series finale, Jesse Pinkman doesn’t die at the end of El Camino. So it’s entirely possible that we could eventually get a sequel focused on the same character.

That said, it might not be all that interesting. By the end of the movie, Jesse has done what Walter never could. He escapes Albuquerque with no plans to return, taking Mike’s advance (delivered via flashback at the start of El Camino) and hightailing it all the way to Alaska. Of course, it’s possible that Jesse could pull a Walter and return home, but given his situation, it seems highly unlikely.

So if there is an El Camino 2, it could focus on Jesse’s adventures in Alaska where he’ll probably just walk around in a heavy fisherman’s sweater and get really into woodworking. To be honest, that sounds pretty great, but if Vince Gilligan wants to spice things up he could send the FBI or maybe one of Jesse’s surviving enemies after him to keep things interested. (Those three white dudes who were hanging out with the evil welder in El Camino all feel like loose threads that a sequel could pull at.)

More interesting than a straightforward sequel, though, might be another Breaking Bad movie focused on a different character with an unresolved story. In that case, my personal pick would be Badger.

Badger in 'Breaking Bad'


Now hear me out, not only is Matthew Lee Jones’s lowlife druggie another fan-favorite character, but his sendoff in El Camino is pretty damn similar to the ending Jesse got in Breaking Bad.

When someone activates the LoJack tracker on the El Camino that Jesse stole from Todd in the series finale, Badger ends up driving Skinny Pete’s car towards Mexico in an attempt to throw off the authorities. It’s a selfless act that sets up an interesting new story we never actually see play out. Instead, the last we see of Badger is him driving off.

I’m sure he had a few interesting adventures on his drive south, and even more while hitchhiking back home. So if Gilligan wants to make another sequel, he should start there.

The next 'Breaking Bad' movie?


El Camino is streaming now on Netflix.

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