'Rick and Morty' Season 4 contest gives fans a chance to join the show

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland released a new video promoting this contest.

Around two months before the Rick and Morty Season 4 premiere, the co-creators just released a new video promoting a Prizeo contest that’s been around since July offering one fan the chance to “get drawn into an episode of Rick and Morty and meet Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.”

In a video, shared by the official Rick and Morty Twitter account Monday, Roiland promises that whoever wins will also get a chance to “see the studio where we make the show.” He and Harmon make a few self-deprecating jokes about themselves and mention that the cost of entry, $10, is about the same price as a “cup of coffee at Starbucks.” So even if you lose, it’s not that bad, right?

“Open your heart you … animal!” Harmon deadpans to the camera.

There’s no explicit promise in here about when the winner will be drawn into the series. While it’s easy to assume it could happen by the end of Season 4, it’s far more likely that the winner of this contest will appear in Season 5.

They'll draw you as more than just a chalk stick figure.

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All of the writing is already done on Season 4, so unless Harmon, Roiland, and their writers’ room planned for this cameo well in advance, there might not be room for it unless they shoe in some kind of random shot. Bardel Entertainment began animating Season 4 back in January 2019, so it’s possible they’re nearing completion on the end of the season by now.

Based on some of the context given by the Rick and Morty scenes included in the promotional materials for the contest — namely, group shots from “Total Rickall” and “Vindicators 3” — this fan character will probably just be a quick cameo in some kind of larger scene. To be immortalized in Rick and Morty canon still feels like a dream, no matter how slight the cameo.

It helps that all of this is for a very good cause.

“Your donation supports NEXT for AUTISM and Bergen County’s United Way, helping to transform the national landscape of services for people with autism,” the official contest page reads. “If you want to give more, you’ll get extra entries and score some cool Rick and Morty rewards!” Various prizes include Funko Pops for Pickle Rick or Mr. Poopybutthole, but also plushies for Pickle Rick or Snuffles.

Justin Roiland put himself into "Get Schwifty" as the "THIEF" here.

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The real question we should all be asking is how much creative freedom we’d be given with out character. Are we just our regular selves in some random Rick and Morty scene? Or do we get context about the episode and scene we’re featured in so that we can better define our sci-fi inter-dimensional self? Do we get any lines of dialogue? Personally, I’d want to be a dwarf cleric inspired by the Rick and Morty-Dungeons & Dragons crossover who’s playing video games in Blips and Chitz with my own personal Mr. Meeseeks — but that’s just me.

Who would your Rick and Morty character be?

Rick and Morty Season 4 debuts sometime in November 2019.

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