Where to Find the Secret Battle Star in 'Fortnite' Season 10, Week 4

Head on over to Sunny Steps. We've got the precise location.

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Thanks to Fortnite: Battle Royale data-miners, we already know what the secret Week 4 loading screen is in Season X, and it showcases the new Junk Rift item used primarily to destroy mechs that was added in the version 10.10 update. This Week 4 loading screen won’t technically be available in-game until Saturday morning, but it’s attached to the “Junk Storm” mission set.

Here’s a quick look at what all of these challenges will be based on data-mining:

  • Consume Glitched Foraged items (0/5)
  • Play Arena matches (0/3)
  • Scoped weapon Eliminations (0/2)
  • Deal Headshot damage to opponents (0/500)
  • Search a Chest in different Named Locations in a single match (0/3)
  • Land at Pressure Plant or Happy Hamlet in different matches (0/3)
  • Deal damage to opponent’s structures (0/1,000)

Players only need to complete three of these seven challenges to unlock the loading screen, but they have to do it before this mission ends next Thursday.

The Week 4 loading screen features an upgraded Catalyst using a Junk Rift to drop a triceratops on top of an unsuspecting enemy. Rude, but also very effective.

The Week 4 loading screen has another coordinates based clue.

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The clue here is more obvious than usual. There’s some kind of rock or box near the poor lad who’s about to get crushed, and on it are four coordinates. Many loading screen clues in recent memory work like this, offering the coordinates to four squares on the map grid so that the prize is right at the intersection of all four.

In this case, we’re dealing with I2, I3, J2, and J3.

Head northeast of Sunny Steps to claim this prize.

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The battle star will be located on a small patch of dirt atop the hill in that area northeast of Sunny Steps. Players should have an easy time completing three challenges and unlocking the loading screen. And because that area to the far northeast is so sparse in loot, not many players travel through there unless they have to for a challenge like this one.

Players have until 9 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, August 29 to access the Junk Storm challenges, the loading screen, and whatever treasure it may hold.

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