Joffrey Is The Hero of This "Game of Thrones" Fan Video

A new fan video delivers a slightly different version of the story 

Bloodbitz comedy, the group behind the if Harry Potter was the villain Youtube sensation, has made a new creation posing the ever-important question: What if Joffrey was just misunderstood?

In this version of the tale, Joffrey is a sensitive boy who just wants to take a walk and look at the sunshine with Sansa, but Tyrion and Arya keep abusing him and his dad neglects him. He bravely pushes through and rises to the position of leadership. All the while, mournful music tugs at our heartstrings.

Could it be true? As far as Game of Thrones conspiracy theories go, this could beat the Jon-has-a-twin theory or our own Jaime is Boromir theory.

Blitzblood comedy’s Youtube channel claims that making this video took over 50 hours of editing. If it takes more hours to make Joffrey look good than it does to make Alan Cumming look like Nightcrawler, that’s a pretty powerful statement: Joffrey is still, as The Hound would say, a little shit. Jack Gleeson, however, remains a misunderstood boy who was indeed robbed — of Emmys. Daenerys was nominated for doing basically nothing in Season 5 but Joffrey was never nominated? Talk about Joffrey being shafted. There really is no justice in this world.

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