'Fortnite' Stone Head Statue Locations: Season 10 Map, Video, Guide

Along with the Durr Burger head and dinosaur.

The very first challenge of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X is a Season 5 callback, specifically to Drift, that season’s progressive skin. Where can players “visit Drift painted Durr Burger Head, a Dinosaur, and a Stone Head Statue” to complete the challenge? Here’s all that and more.

Fortnite Season X only just started Thursday morning, and to celebrate, Drift has plastered graffiti on three monuments spread out across the map — but Epic Games has also switched over to Roman numerals, apparently. There are a few different Durr Burger heads, dinosaurs, and potentially even stone head statues on the island, but which ones have been tagged by Drift? Those are the only ones that count.

These three locations are about as spread out as they could possibly get. Visiting all three in a single match is tough, especially since Epic Games enacted a “reduction in mobility” by vaulting several vehicles in Season X, but it’s doable. Players will have to rely on the newly reinstated rifts and lingering ziplines to move around. We don’t recommend using the B.R.U.T.E., the new robot vehicle, as it draws too much enemy attention.

Here's exactly where players can find all three of these landmarks for the Season X challenge.

Epic Games

Each of the locations is detailed on the above map, but for even more important into, continue below. It doesn’t matter what order you visit these locations, and it doesn’t have to happen during separate matches, so keep those factors in mind as you venture out into the island.

Drift tagged this lone Durr Burger head with a graffiti sticker of his own face.

Epic Games

Where to Find the Durr Burger Head

The Durr Burger head is directly east of Pleasant Park in a remote, exposed location. You can visibly see the tiny splash of yellow on the map pinpointing the location, so finding it in-game should be easy. Technically, you can dive directly there and just drift past on your glider to claim credit.

There’s a rift just a few meters to the north of the burger, so you can drift right into it an be on your way. Or, you could move north to the Block to claim loot. Best of all, you can move west towards Pleasant Park to destroy some stop signs for another new challenge, assuming you’re wearing the Catalyst outfit.

Don't get caught in the storm visiting this delightful dino.

Epic Games

Where to Find the Dinosaur

We’ve already had to dance between dinosaurs in Season 8, so most Fortnite players should know by now that the dinosaurs are located in the far southeastern area of the map, south of Paradise Palms and right where the road bends north.

It’s a bit unclear which of the three dinosaurs counts towards this challenge. There’s a brontosaurus, a T.rex, and a triceratops. We received credit when approaching the long-necked green brontosaurus but couldn’t spot the graffiti. Regardless, just stepping foot in the general vicinity is enough to receive credit.

Similar to the Durr Burger head location, players can opt to head north from the dinosaurs to Paradise Palms, where they might be able to destroy a few stop signs.

The somber stone head is located in the snowy area of the map.

Epic Games

Where to Find the Stone Head Statue

Moai-style stone heads were originally added to Fortnite way back in Season 5, and one of them returns for this challenge. This might be the same stone head that once sat just north of Greasy Grove, but things have been different since the iceberg crashed into the island and brought winter with it.

This stone head is located just northeast of the frozen lake that’s north of Polar Peak. Because this destination is close to Neo Tilted, there’s yet another opportunity to double dip into the stop sign hunt.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X is now available.

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