'Rick and Morty' Season 4 Christmas Episode Teased at San Diego-Comic Con

Final animation isn't complete yet.

Adult Swim

Rick and Morty will once again celebrate the holidays during Season 4, something the series hasn’t done since early in Season 1 when Jerry’s parents visited for Christmas, based on a clip shown during a San Diego Comic-Con panel Friday.

During the panel, Adult Swim also aired a finished Season 4 clip that includes Taika Waititi’s character, an alien named Glootie. That clip made it onto YouTube, but another clip shown to attendees of the panel offered a preview of a cold open that’ll also air during Season 4.

The Rick and Morty team often develops animatics using black-and-white storyboard art and crude animation, but with the authentic voices for characters featured. Showing one of these off during Comic-Con has become a tradition. A “Pickle Rick” animatic aired during the Rick and Morty panel at SDCC 2016, and this new one’s just the latest.

The animatic clip is a cold open (the very beginning to the episode) in which Jerry Smith tries to hang up some Christmas lights but falls off the ladder.

He’s saved by Rick, who zaps him with an anti-gravity ray gun that makes Jerry lighter than air but his boots heavier, therefore giving him “perfect buoyancy” for 10 hours. Rick goes on to call this feat more impressive than walking on water. “I wasn’t born into the God business,” he boasts. “I fucking earned it.”

Instead of Mr. Benson falling off the roof, it's Jerry in this unfinished animatic.

Adult Swim

Then, Morty and Rick go into space and get a “flat tire” on Rick’s ship. Rick goes out to change the tire, telling Morty to stay put. He doesn’t listen, and when venturing out into space, Morty is bit by a “space snake” wearing a helmet. It’s all a bit weird and doesn’t make much sense, but that’s Rick and Morty in a nutshell.

It’s unclear how far into Season 4 this clip takes place, but unlike the Rick and Morty live table read that also took place during SDCC weekend, this particular scene with a bouncing Jerry and a space snake should happen.

Does that mean it could be a Christmas special, or at the very least, another episode that takes place during the holiday season?

That seems like it’ll be the case.

You might think Rick getting a flat tire doesn't make sense ... but his spaceship does have tires.

Adult Swim

Rick and Morty Season 4 begins sometime in November and will be 10 total episodes. We don’t know when during November that premiere happens, what day of the week these episodes will air, or if there’ll be any breaks between episodes. Historically, Rick and Morty has aired late Sunday nights, and even if Season 4 premiered on November 3, Episode 10 wouldn’t possibly air until January 5.

Assuming this Christmastime clip does make it into Season 4, then it’s definitely not in the finale, and it’s probably not in the premiere either.

We just hope Morty’s okay. Christmas sounds like a terrible time of year to get bitten by a space snake.

Rick and Morty Season 4 will premiere sometime in November 2019.

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