First 'Rick and Morty' Season 3 Clip Drives Our Heroes Insane

"I don't know why I do this to us, Morty. Maybe I hate myself."

The first clip from Rick and Morty’s highly anticipated third season premiered earlier this December during Adult Swim’s “Development Meeting” live stream.

Spencer Rothbell (Clarence) and the stream’s hosts, Walter and Cam, debuted the Season 3 clip towards the end of the meeting, and although it’s only an animatic, the darkly hilarious scene is fully voiced by Justin Roiland. The clip begins in Morty’s high school, jumps to an intergalactic battle, and ends with Rick and Morty screaming at each other and crying in their ship. If the clip says anything about the upcoming season of the beloved sci-fi comedy, it’s that our dynamic, dysfunctional duo is officially too overwhelmed to go on adventures. “I need a vacation,” Rick says.

The clip, which the hosts joke that they should have run by Dan Harmon and Roiland first, also doesn’t spoil anything for the new season, aside from Rick’s obvious escape from prison.

You can watch the clip below or fast forward to 0:53:47. The Adult Swim hosts say showing off previews like this is pretty much the whole point of their live streams — exclusive videos are their bread and butter — and everyone knows Rick and Morty is the most hotly anticipated show returning to Adult Swim’s schedule.

Rick and Morty is expected to air on Adult Swim in 2017.

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