'Westworld' Season 3 Trailer Teases World War II Park and Dolores' Mission 

What role will you play? We found out from San Diego-Comic Con.

A new Westworld Season 3 trailer debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 on Saturday. Not a second of the trailer’s nearly 3-minute runtime was wasted, as it teases what’s coming for Dolores, Bernard, Charlotte, and Maeve, all of whom are bound together by park creator Robert Ford’s grand plan to create truly sentient Hosts. With Dolores in place to ignite a Host revolution, the Westworld Season 3 trailer teases a new park set in a Nazi-occupied village during World War II and previewed some new characters arriving on the scene.

One of the biggest reveals in the Westworld Season 3 trailer involves Maeve (Thandie Newton). It looks like Maeve is now a Host in a new park whose theme involves Europe in World War II. It’s unclear how Maeve arrived in the park, just as it’s unclear at what point in the Westworld timeline these events are taking place. But viewers should be excited by the new location as it will no doubt serve the Season 3 arc, again continuing the show’s themes of freedom, revolution, and defiance of oppressive sociopolitical systems.

The Westworld Season 3 trailer also focuses on Dolores’ (Evan Rachel Wood) evolution into Host revolutionary against the humans who created her. Dolores escaped Westworld at the end of Season 2, her consciousness implanted into a Host replica of Charlotte Hale’s (Tessa Thompson) body. It looks like Host Charlotte has made a new body for Dolores, now dressed modernly, and the two will collaborate on bringing the system (whichever system they choose, really) to its knees.

It's a brave new world for Maeve in 'Westworld' Season 3


The trailer is also jam-packed with faces new and old. Jeffrey Wright will be back as Bernard, hinting in the trailer he and the other Hosts are all bound together by Ford’s legacy. Luke Hemsworth as Stubbs is back, too, and he appears to be in a fighting mood. New cast members Aaron Paul, who plays a construction worker named Caleb and quickly gets involved with Dolores, and Vincent Cassel, whose character name and background has yet to be revealed, also appear in the trailer.

Dolores has escaped the park; what's next?


During the Westworld Comic-Con panel, series co-creator Jonathan Nolan revealed the subtitle for Season 3 is “The New World,” following in step with previous season subtitles “The Maze” for Season 1 and “The Door” for Season 2. How Season 3 illustrates the meaning of “The New World” wasn’t explained but that’s par for the course given the fact many hints about Westworld are rarely elaborated on.

What we know from this trailer is that the roles of every character are simultaneously becoming clearer — some will lead, some will follow, some will manipulate from behind-the-scenes — and more complicated. Season 3 will expand the scope of Westworld and also go deeper into its dark heart as tensions between man and machine become more pronounced.

Westworld Season 3 arrives on HBO in 2020.

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