'Dragon Prince' Season 3 Footage Revealed — Everything We Saw (VIDEO)

SAN DIEGO — We didn’t get a release date for The Dragon Prince Season 3, but at a Saturday morning panel, the show’s creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond dove deep into the series lore before playing an exclusive new clip from the upcoming season. Attendees, including Inverse, were also treated to a live performance of a skit featuring Callum (Jack De Sena) and Rayla (Paula Burrows). You can watch that scene in the video above, and read on for a detailed breakdown of our first official look at The Dragon Prince Season 3.

First, let’s talk about the skit. It’s unclear if what panel attendees saw was an actual scene from The Dragon Prince Season 3 or something totally invented for the event. Either way, it definitely took place within the show’s upcoming third season, with Callum remarking on how the sky looks the same in the magical land of Xadia as it does in the human kingdom’s to the east. (Season 2 ended with the pair crossing the border into Xadia on a quest to bring the baby dragon Azymondias back home.)

From there, the two mostly just compare how their cultures describe various constellations. The running joke, which had the entire conference room laughing, is that Rayla’s constellations are all violent tributes to a mythical being, while Callum’s are cute objects.

An artists rendering of the 'Dragon Prince' Season 3 scene shown at Comic-Con.Wonderstorm/Netflix

Moving onto the actual Dragon Prince Season 3 footage, which I didn’t record (sorry 😔), it focused on a confrontation between a human dark mage named Ziard and the sun dragon Sol Regem. Set before the main events of the series, the scene was a negotiation of sorts, with Sol demanding that all humans abandon dark magic and Ziard refusing.

As a narrator in the opening explains, humanity’s discover of dark magic, which requires them to poach magic creatures for and use their body parts, has created a new conflict in what was previously a peaceful land. This seems to be occurring during the Era of Sol Regem when humans first began to master dark magic roughly 1,200 years before the events of The Dragon Prince.

'Dragon Prince' historyInverse/Wonderstorm

When Sol demands an end to dark magic, Ziard refuses, arguing that this would be a huge step backwards for humanity. After all, without magic, humans are no match and elves. They would revert to “lesser beings.”

“You are lesser beings,” Sol replies, before asking how Ziard constructed the magic staff he’s holding.

Ziard retorts that he didn’t make it, it was a gift from “one of the great ones.”

Sol Regem grows angry, and when Ziard points out that he was promised his safety in exchange for the meeting, Sol reveals his plan to kill the thousands of inhabitants of the nearby city Elarium instead. As the dragon flies off, the dark mage summons a giant purple tornado and a ball of fire. Sol doubles back and they face off, with the man dying instantly in a fiery blaze while the dragon takes a hit to the face and crashes into the water below, still alive but injured.

That’s where the scene ends, but please enjoy these photos from the Dragon Prince Season 3 preview.

'The Dragon Prince' Season 3Inverse/Wonderstorm
'The Dragon Prince' Season 3Inverse/Wonderstorm
'The Dragon Prince' Season 3Inverse/Wonderstorm
'The Dragon Prince' Season 3Inverse/Wonderstorm

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more coverage on The Dragon Prince Season 3 and San Diego Comic-Con in general.

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