'Star Wars: Episode IX' Theory Has Finn Leading a Major Insurgence

Finn might help the Storm Troopers flee the First Order.

Star Wars: Battlefront II confirmed that the First Order stole children at a young age and brainwashed them.

This deeply disturbing backstory, which is canon in the Star Wars universe, explains how Finn came to be a Storm Trooper — and why he eventually left to become a member of the Resistance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

An exciting new theory, based on this story from Star Wars canon, suggests that Finn may lead the Storm Troopers in a mass defection from the First Order during Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Based on a new picture published by Vanity Fair, Jannah and Finn seem to be leading the charge against the First Order on horseback. Jannah is specifically carrying a bow and arrow. This is unusual in the world of Star Wars, especially given the existence of more sophisticated weaponry (ones that can blow up entire planets). Redditor u/Galt-17 theorizes that Jannah’s leading a group of people whose siblings have been kidnapped by the First Order and that Finn will join her and go on to lead a “mass exodus” of Storm Troopers from their ranks.

Finn escaped the First Order and he might help others do the same.

Star Wars.com/Ralph McQuarrie

Jannah’s militia has a good “reason to fight back, and once they find out their loved ones have been trained into stormtroopers after their kidnappings (via Finn’s info), now they have incentive to have their loved ones defect, creating a mass exodus from FO ranks led by Finn,” writes u/Galt-17.

The theory stems from Jannah’s addition to the Star Wars franchise, which has generated speculation about who she is and what role she’ll be playing in The Rise of Skywalker. One plausible theory is that she is Finn’s long lost sister. This notion also aligns with the possibility of Finn willingly stepping into the role of Resistance leader after meeting her (or reuniting with her, depending on her identity).

After all, if he was able to escape from the First Order, then other Storm Troopers might want to do the same. As the first Storm Trooper who’s ever been able to leave the First Order behind, Finn might feel a sense of responsibility to help the remaining soldiers. If many of them were kidnapped, then it’s just as likely that they’ll want to see their families again and join the Resistance.

Naomie Ackie is Jannah. Could she be Finn's sister?


This ties right back into Star Wars: Battlefront II: DLC: “Resurrection,” where it was revealed that Finn was forced to join the First Order after being taken from his family at a young age. “Project Resurrection” not only confirms Finn’s origin story, but also details the First Order’s kidnapping of children specifically from underdeveloped communities. It would explain why Jannah’s weapon of choice is a bow and quiver.

Finn seems like he has a bigger role to play within the Resistance in Episode IX and there’s no better way to do that than to turn the Storm Troopers against the First Order. It would be the ultimate revenge for the atrocities they’ve committed and with Finn at the forefront of this potential fight, the Resistance may finally replenish their numbers and get ahead to win the final battle against the First Order.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20, 2019.

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