Prime Day 2019: Embrace the VR Entertainment Revolution With 3 Amazon Deals

Everything from the bleeding-edge to passable $30 headsets are on sale.


Amazon Prime Day 2019 is in full swing, and that means the internet is awash with deals on popular headphones, office essentials, and all things gaming. Now officially underway, it looks like the 48-hour event will also provide a unique opportunity for techies to dip their toes into virtual reality technology without breaking the bank.

Prime Day 2019 is the longest one ever, and will extend until 3 a.m. Eastern on July 17. Prime subscribers are also able to shop directly with any Echo device by saying, “Alexa, what are my Prime Day deals?”

There has rarely been a better time to pick up some VR hardware, as a ton of jaw-dropping VR titles are scheduled for release this year, including Failspace, Stormland, and Population: One. Those will join the sizable library of classic movies, new films, concerts, and sporting events that are all being remastered or shot for VR as we speak.

Here are three Prime VR headset deals that novices and expert VR players alike should keep an eye out for:


Prime Day 2019: Oculus Go 32GB - $159

If you’re cautiously intrigued by VR’s potential, then the Oculus Go is your best option.

The Facebook subsidiary normally sells its portable headset for $200, but Amazon shoppers will get $40 off during Prime Day. The goggles comes with a remote control, and functions entirely a standalone device that doesn’t require a complementary computer or console. But of course, in exchange for the low price point, there are a few limitations.

For one, the Oculus Go’s 32GB of internal storage space is a bit limited, meaning users will have to vigilant about deleting old mini games and films to make way for new ones. The average VR movie file size is already around 9GB to 15GB, meaning it will only take two movies and a handful of mini games to deplete the Go’s library.

There are some other limitations that make the Oculus Go less than ideal for hardcore gamers. Oculus Rift games can’t port to the Go, and it has limited gaming options. That said, the Go does support cross-platform between the Oculus Rift and Gear VR, meaning you can play with friends using the Go if they own Rift or Gear VR equipment.

That being said, the Oculus Go is the most affordable way to experience high-quality VR content, is totally wireless, and comes with roughly two to three hours of battery life depending on use. It’s the headset that is meant to win over skeptics, and at $160 on Prime Day it’s a pretty good deal.


Prime Day 2019: HTC Virtual Reality System Vive Pro Starter Kit for PC - $900

Maybe you’ve already given the Go a spin and are ready for something more sophisticated. For gamers looking to fully embrace the VR future, the HTC Vive Pro is the cutting-edge option for full-length games, films, and live events.

The Vive Pro starter kit normally retails for $1,100, but Prime users can access an exclusive $900 deal. The bundle includes all of the kit components, including the headset, necessary cables, base station, and two controllers. Amazon has also sweetened the deal by throwing in six months of Viveport Infinity.

Viveport is HTC’s app store where players have unlimited access to new games and films straight from their headset. This subscription normally costs $13 a month, meaning the Prime bundle is effectively a $1,178 value for $900, saving customers $278.

The downside? The Vive Pro requires a fairly powerful PC to run smoothly, which could set consumers back another few hundred dollars if they don’t have a PC already. On the other hand, there won’t be a VR game or movie released in the near future that the headset won’t be able to handle.

The device comes with two 3.5-inch AMOLED screens for each eye, a combined 2,880-by-1,600 resolution, 110 degree field of view, and a 90 Hz refresh rate. It’s the cream of the crop when it comes to VR headsets.


Prime Day 2019: VR Shinecon 3D VR Headset - $32

The Oculus Go provides an entry-level experience, while the Vive Pro will let you access premium content. True Amazon budget hunters, however, may want to check out the Shinecon VR Googles for $32.

Unlike the other headsets, this device runs completely on iOS or Android phones between 4.7 and 6 inches. Users will be limited to mobile VR games and apps, like End Space VR or Lamper VR. But it’s by far the most affordable option for those curious about where VR can go.

The device typically retails for $40, but Prime users will be able to pick one up for $32, by far the cheapest way to give VR gaming a test-run.

If you’ve never signed up for the e-commerce service before, you can even use its one-time 30-day free trial to pick up some VR goodies before July 17 comes around without shelling out for a Prime subscription, either. If the main barrier standing between you and owning your own VR system is cost, Amazon Prime Day 2019’s got your back.