'Star Wars' Facebook Admin Puts Sexist Troll In His Place

You're not supposed to be able to ogle Captain Phasma.


It’s no accident or small thing that the cast of The Force Awakens is diverse. The film will see the widest possible release and it will be great for Star Wars fanatics of all stripes to be able to see someone who looks vaguely like them on screen. This goes for the good guys and the big baddies.

And you better believe that the folks promoting the film know the score. Last night, the Facebook administrator for the official Star Wars page, demonstrated a rebel unwillingness to play sci-fi identity politics after spotting a reductive comment about Captain Phasma. That new character, played by Gwendoline Christie, is a fighter and woman all at the same time. Because she has a body and Empire-leaning political views, she also wears armor.

See for yourself below:


Anybody knows if you have to preface a statement with “Not to be sexist” it means whatever tumbles out of your empty head through your fingertips and typed out onto your keyboard is, in fact, sexist.

The Star Wars admin’s well-played response put the issue to rest, hopefully once and for all. The galaxy far, far away can be for everybody.

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