Salvage Your Day With This Science-Backed Hangover Cure

Blowfish's FDA-recognized formula lets you enjoy the 4th without ruining the 5th & possibly 6th.

In these long languid days of summer, one of the best ways to cool off is with a cold one. But what happens when one turns into five and you’ve still got to be up and at ‘em in the morning? Instead of suffering through the day as payment for having too much fun the night before, you should turn to Blowfish, the only hangover cure backed by actual science.

What Is Blowfish?

Blowfish is the hangover remedy that actually works. It’s guaranteed to make the pain go away until you finally feel human again. Each Blowfish tablet contains 500mg of aspirin and 60 mg of pharmaceutical caffeine in two effervescent tablets. We know what you’re thinking: “sounds simple.” And it is. This FDA-recognized formula is backed by science, and is guaranteed to make you feel better in about 15 minutes. Seriously. You can go to the FDA’s website and search for NDC code 75920-0464 and read all about it for yourself.

The Blowfish Hangover Cure

Blowfish gives you everything you need to feel better quickly: a pain reliever, caffeine, effervescence, and water. Just drop the tablets in H2O, wait for them to dissolve, and drink it. Blowfish is real medicine specifically formulated to relieve hangover symptoms. The effervescent tablets rapidly deliver maximum-strength pain reliever and pharmaceutical-grade caffeine to your hurting body, while also being gentle on your stomach.

Why Hangovers Suck So Much

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that hangovers are the worst. But do you know how they work? After a night of drinking, metabolizing alcohol creates chemical byproducts that trigger inflammatory reactions, like headaches. To ease these symptoms, Blowfish uses maximum strength aspirin that’s delivered into your system twice as quickly as alternative methods.

Coming in second to headache, nausea is another major problem. This is because alcohol can upset the stomach. And although caffeine helps hangovers, coffee is a strong stimulator of stomach acid, which can make matters worse. While Blowfish does not directly treat nausea, pharmaceutical caffeine in an effervescent solution isn’t as harsh on your stomach as caffeine tends to be.

And don’t forget dehydration. It occurs because alcohol suppresses Vasopressin, a hormone that helps your kidneys function properly. As a result, it’s much easier to dehydrate while drinking. But Blowfish’s lemony-fresh drink delivers the hydration you desperately need to nip these horrifying symptoms in the bud before they further incapacitate you.

You may not be hungover right now, but let’s be honest. At some point soon you probably will be. So do your future self a favor and order some Blowfish to have on hand, because it’s the hangover cure that really works. In fact, if it doesn’t alleviate your next hangover, Blowfish will refund your money. So order a box of this hangover cure today, and experience the the difference Blowfish can make tomorrow.

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