The Perfect Headphones You Need to Help You Fall Asleep

Because falling asleep to music shouldn't be painful


If you’ve ever tried to drown out background noise by listening to music with your headphones in bed, then you’ve likely encountered a common problem. The headphones are uncomfortable and irritating, and it’s a only a matter of time before you’re battling between choosing the benefits of listening to music or a podcast to help you sleep, or the discomfort of your headphones preventing you from sleeping. Either way, juggling the two discomforts isn’t a good recipe for falling asleep.

Kokoon is a company that makes headphones specifically designed for sleep. With the perfect shape for resting your head on a pillow, they feel, as the name suggests, like a cocoon.

Kokoon headphones come with three levels of noise protection, including an active audio seal, which blocks out outside noise to help you disconnect from whatever inconvenient distraction is going on around you. The active noise cancelling will effectively block out surrounding noise. They are also fully breathable so that they won’t stick to your ear and be excessively uncomfortable while you’re trying to sleep.

But Kokoonis not just a comfortable headphone, it’s a full technology designed to help you fall asleep more easily. One of the most frustrating things about trying to fall asleep with headphones is that the music or podcast continues playing long after you’ve fallen asleep, and when you wake up, you notice it’s been playing all night. It’s especially annoying when you’re listening to an audio book, which is often the most effective method to for falling asleep. The great thing about Kokoon is that it comes with sensors that will register when you’ve fallen asleep and will stop playing music once you have. Kokoon will also learn the sounds and music that help you fall asleep most effectively and tailor your sleep sounds for you.

The headphones are light and compact. They fold so you can take them with you where ever you go. They cost $339.99 and when you get two you can save $69.99. You can get them in black or grey and Kokoon offers free returns so that you have nothing to lose.

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