'Fortnite' Week 7 Secret Battle Star Location: Utopia Loading Screen Guide

Head towards a shootout in Pressure Plant.

We can all breath a sigh of relief because after Week 6’s Fortnite: Battle Royale Utopia loading screen offered another confusing delayed Fortbyte challenge, Week 7 is back to the regular business of directly teasing a secret battle star location in the newest Utopia loading screen.

Week 7 began Thursday morning, and after players complete a straightforward set of seven challenges, they’ll unlock the new loading screen featuring an intense shootout between seven characters. One of them is even riding a Green Goblin-styled glider.

The obvious clue in the loading screen is the shiny battle star, located on the left side of the image. But where exactly does this image take place?

Done in the classic style, this loading screen directly reveals the location of this week's secret battle star.

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The sloped wall in the background functions as a dam holding back lava at Pressure Plant. The flow of lava goes south out of the center of the volcano, so the perspective of the loading screen is facing northwest — which is to say it’s best to approach this destination from the south.

If you get an unfortunate battle bus trajectory, know that you can always use the slipstream to help navigate, and there are plenty of volcano vents in the area south of the volcano you can use to hop back up into the air.

The Utopia Week 7 loading screen leads to a secret battle star in Pressure Plant.

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When approaching Pressure Plant, take note of the tall staircase on the left with six flights of stairs. This battle star is located directly below the middle landing on the right side of the staircase (there are three from top to bottom).

You’ll want to build a ramp directly under it to access the battle star. Alternatively, you could destroy the platform and build a ramp down.

Here's exactly where players can find the Utopia Week 7 secret battle star.

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Now that Week 7 is done, we can probably expect the remaining Utopia challenges to start setting up what Season 10 might look like.

According to the in-game countdown, Fortnite Season 9 doesn’t end until July 23, so players have about a month left before all of the Utopia challenges end.

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