'Fortnite' Utopia Week 6 Loading Screen: Secret Battle Star or Fortbyte?

Remember when things used to be simple?

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Much like how the Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9, Week 4 Utopia loading screen challenge was a total confusing mess, Week 6 continues this new trend of Utopia challenges from even-numbered weeks not making much sense. If there is a prize to be had, it isn’t available yet, but we’ll update this article as more info is made available.

Week 6 only just began Thursday morning, and anyone who completes six weeks of challenges will unlock a new Utopia loading screen just like any other week. Whereas most loading screens contain some kind of clue indicating the location of either a secret battle star, a hidden banner, or even maybe a Fortbyte, this one seemingly has nothing.

We suspect, however, that just like in Week 4, the description of this loading screen might be a clue as to the location of a Fortbyte. The Week 6 loading screen is called Sure Shot with a description hinting at a location in Neo Tilted:

Only the best snipers can take out a holo-clock tower lamp from the rooftops of Neo Tilted.

fortnite week 6 utopia loading screen
The Week 6 Utopia loading screens look super cool, but where's our clue?

The assumption is that the location featured in the loading screen and the text in the description function together as the clue, and the reward will be a Fortbyte that just hasn’t been unlocked yet. It might be a few days until it’s actually available.

ProGameGuides.com theorized that players will have to shoot out the lamp on top of the holo-clock to then claim the Fortbyte. Will we have to go to a specific location to pick up the Fortbyte?

We’re guessing the Fortbyte might be located where that character is standing on the rooftop in the loading screen, but shooting the lamp is a necessary first step. Either that, or the Fortbyte is located on top of the neon letters we can see. The location will be on or around that building, which is located in southwest Neo Tilted.

fortnite week 9 utopia fortbyte location
ProGameGuides.com has tagged this location on a map already, but will it turn out accurate?

This would be in line with how the Week 4 loading screen only vaguely hinted at an ATM outside of a location within Paradise Palms.

As of this writing, however, there’s no actual prize to claim for unlocking the Week 6 Utopia loading screen, but we’ll update this article if that changes.

According to the in-game countdown that comes with this season’s battle pass, Season 9 is scheduled to end on July 23, so there’s still plenty of time to catch up on completing all the challenges from Week 1 through 6 to unlock the loading screen.