‘Fortnite’ Fortbyte #59: Where to Use the Durrr! Emoji Inside a Pizza Pit

The world's greatest fast food chain rivalry continues.

Forget McDonald’s vs. Burger King. The world of Fortnite: Battle Royale has an even more intense rivalry in the ongoing Pizza Pit vs. Durr Burger competition, which continues in this week’s Fortbyte #59. What kind of world pits a pizza parlor against a burger joint anyway? The kind of world crafted by the twisted minds at Epic Games, that’s what kind.

Fortbyte #59, unlocked Tuesday, is “accessible with Durr! emoji inside Pizza Pit restaurant.” (Technically, the cosmetic item type called “emoticon” is what creates an emoji in Fortnite.) In late May, Fortbyte #41 had players use the Tomatohead emoticon inside a Durr Burger, so this is the flip side of that.

Just like Fortbyte #48, also released this week, #59 requires that players get pretty far into Season 9’s premium battle pass. You unlock the Durrr! emoji at Tier 53. If you haven’t reached that far yet, focus on weekly challenges until you get there.

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Fortbyte #59 requires that players first reach Tier 53 in the Season 9 premium battle pass.

Epic Games

However, there’s a catch that might help a lot of players, which is that just about any Durr Burger-themed emoticon or spray will work. In the video at the top of this article, I successfully used the Durrr spray — a Season 5, Tier 40 reward — to access the Fortbyte. In fact, you look much cooler using the spray as opposed to the emoticon.

Now, players just need to find the Pizza Pit where they can use one of these burger cosmetics.

Remember the giant hologram tomato head from Week 4? Use that as a marker for where you should be heading. That new location in Mega Mall is the largest branch of Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit the game has ever seen.

The new Pizza Pit HQ in Mega Mall is where players need to go for Fortbyte #59.

Epic Games

Aim for the giant tomato hologram, but it’s best to walk right in the front door on the ground level directly below. You can use the emoticon or spray anywhere inside the building, but it’s probably best to do it right on top of the Fortbyte. Otherwise, you might leave yourself vulnerable to attack!

Head to this trendy pizza joint to complete this Fortbyte.

Epic Games

The Fortbyte is located behind the counter on the left side. So once you walk in the front door, leap over the counter, turn left, and the Fortbyte will be next to the wall on your left, across from some coolers full of beverages.

Use your emoticon right there, or better yet, spray the wall behind it.

Claiming Fortbyte #59 winds up being really simple.

Here's exactly where you can find Fortbyte #59.

Epic Games

As of this writing, there are 33 Fortbytes that have yet to be revealed, and we still don’t know what the full picture is just yet. Season 9 is scheduled to end on July 23, so there’s just under a month left before Fortbytes and all the other Season 9 challenges disappear forever.

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