'Fortnite' Tomato Head, Durr Burger, and Giant Dumpling: Where to Dance

Essential tips for completing this three-stage challenge.

In the most futuristic, dance-focused challenge of Fortnite: Battle Royale’s storied history as a dancing sim, players have to dance inside two different huge holographic heads for a Season 9, Week 4 challenge … and one giant dumpling head. Here’s everything people need to know to “dance inside a holographic Tomato head,” “dance inside a Durr Burger head,” and “dance inside a giant Dumpling head.”

Week 4 kicked off Thursday morning around 9 a.m. Eastern, about 90 minutes earlier than the standard, and this new dance challenge is perhaps the most difficult we’ve seen in a long time. Not only is it three stages, mandating players complete it across three separate matches, but there are a couple other important factors to consider.

This challenge is particularly tough for two reasons: (1) At least two of these three locations are in popular landing destinations, meaning that plenty of enemies will try to kill you. (2) Each of these landmarks are located in elevated positions, so you have to first acquire building materials and then build up to the inside of the holograms to dance.

Here’s where to find all three destinations.

Here are all three locations that players need to dance at for this Season 9, Week 4 challenge.

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Where to Dance Inside a Holographic Tomato Head

Originally the mascot of Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit in the former Tomato Town, the huge tomato head has endured a bizarre history after getting transported back in time during Season 5, giving rise to Tomato Temple. These days, the remnants of the huge tomato head persist as a holographic advertisement in Mega Mall, one of the new Season 9 destinations. There, players can find a much larger new Pizza Pit.

The holographic tomato head is in central Mega Mall, just slightly to the east, rotating around on the western edge of the roof. Players will have to build a ramp adjacent to the foot in order to get inside the hologram. Doing so will leave them very exposed, so it’s best to spend a few minutes clearing out Mega Mall of enemies, collecting loot, and gathering building materials.

For a precise look at the location, check out the video at the top of this article.

Where to Dance Inside a Holographic Durr Burger Head

The counterpart to Mega Mall’s tomato head holograph is Neo Tilted’s holographic Durr Burger head. Season 5 also teleported the Durr Burger mascot/monument across time and space via a rift, and the only thing left in Season 9 is the futuristic new branch of the restaurant in Neo Tilted.

For this challenge, players can actually land directly on top of a spire at the very top of the Durr Burger building. Enemies will probably hack it down ASAP to thwart anyone trying to complete this challenge, but at least you have the opportunity of landing straight there without having to worry about building up to it.

Where to Dance on Top of a Giant Dumpling Head

These Week 4 dance challenges get progressively easier, because by the third one, all we have to do is dance on top of a giant Dumpling head located on the northern side of Lucky Landing. It’s atop the tallest building on the north side of the town.

One notable caveat here is that if anybody destroys the rotating Dumpling head before you reach it, there’s no physical way to complete this challenge. Therefore, it’s essential to land directly on it ASAP to dance your way to completion on this three-stage set of challenges.

Currently, Fortnite Season 9 is scheduled to end on Tuesday, July 23, 2019, so there’s still plenty of time to complete this and other challenges.

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