Fortbyte 48 Location for a Gnome Near the Mountain Top Throne in 'Fortnite'

Use the Vox pickaxe to kill the gnome.

The latest Fortbyte challenge to unlock in Fortnite: Battle Royale sounds like something out of a fairy tale, because it involves slaying a gnome with the Vox pickaxe at a remote location near a mountain top throne in the frigid area of the map. But which mountain is Fortbyte #48 talking about? What does the gnome look like? Which pickaxe is the Vox pickaxe? Here’s all that and more.

Fortbyte #48, released Wednesday, says “accessible by using the Vox Pickaxe to smash the gnome beside a mountain top throne.” Let’s start at the beginning: the Vox pickaxe. Awarded to players with the premium battle pass who reach tier 55, the Vox pickaxe looks like a sparkly pink and purple microphone stand. It looks like something that the Power Chord character would happily wield in a match.

Tier 55 is pretty deep into the battle pass. Anyone who’s played a decent amount this season should’ve reached this point already, but if not, focus on various challenges to bump you up.

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Here's how to get the harvesting tool you need for this Fortbyte.

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With that achieved, the next step is to find the specific location Fortbyte #48 is referencing.

There are two legitimate thrones on the Fortnite map for the Ice and Fire kings, but the “throne” this Fortbyte refers to is just a toilet that’s plopped on the top of a mountain. (Ha-ha-ha.) There are a few of these “porcelain thrones” around, and there were more before the ice burg crashed into the island and destroyed Flush Factory.

The “mountain top” for this challenge, however, is the snowy mountain just northeast of Happy Hamlet. There are two large trees on the southern ledge looking out over the coast towards Lucky Landing. There’s a regular-sized toilet (the throne) just in front of a stone monument. Flanking the toilet are a trash can and a gnome, with a lantern hanging overhead.

Here's where to find the Fortbyte #48.

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The gnome looks identical to the many gnomes we’ve seen in the game before, but the only way to destroy it is with the Vox pickaxe. From there, players can easily claim Fortbyte #38.

As of this writing, there are 33 Fortbytes that have yet to be revealed, and we still don’t know what the full picture is just yet. Season 9 is scheduled to end on July 23, so there’s just under a month left before Fortbytes and all the other Season 9 challenges disappear forever.

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