'Fortnite' Chilly Gnomes Locations Map: Where to Search Them in Week 6

Put the little guys out of their misery.

We’ve all heard of hidden gnomes and hungry gnomes in the world of Fortnite: Battle Royale, but these days in the wintery Season 7, we’re dealing with frozen gnomes in a brand-new challenge.

Fortnite Season 7, Week 6 began Thursday morning, and in addition to a challenge involving a sliding ice puck, there’s also a challenge where players have to “search chilly gnomes.” Just how chilly are they? Well, these gnomes are all frozen solid. Sad!

That alone should be a huge clue that seemingly all of the chilly gnomes are going to be in the snowy biome on the southwestern quadrant of the map. Just like every previous lineup of gnomes, these make a totally creepy giggling noise whenever the player gets close enough to them. But an added plus is that just about all of these are located outdoors on top of hills, and they can be seen from the sky as players skydive down to the island.

All of the Chilly Gnomes are in cold places. Surprise, surprise.

Epic Games

Players do have to search seven gnomes total, and with eight on the map, there’s not a ton of flexibility here. We suggest going right for either the gnome south of Snobby Shores or the one west of Tilted Towers, and then moving east or west to get the other two nearby. Note that the one in Viking Village is right up on top of the mountain, so getting up that high won’t be easy without balloons, a plane, or a rift-to-go. So it might be worth skipping that one entirely, unless it’s the first one at the start of a match.

Chances are that players will have to spend several separate matches tracking down all seven of the gnomes they need to complete this challenge.

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