New 'Stranger Things' Season 3 Monster: Clip Fuels Huge Theory About Billy

What does Brimborn Steel Works have to do with it?

We’ve written extensively about how Billy will probably become the new monster in Stranger Things Season 3, and a leaked clip from the new season hints at a surprising connection between Billy and the monster.

Spoilers follow for a leaked Stranger Things Season 3 clip.

Australia’s Sunrise breakfast show aired a previously unseen Stranger Things clip that hit Reddit late Monday night. Billy is driving in his car late at night when something hits his windshield, breaking the glass. He loses control and crashes into a tree outside a warehouse with a sign that says “Brimborn Steel Works.” At face value, the only spoiler here is that Billy crashes his beloved car. But when you recognize the location, it takes on greater meaning.

Netflix released a new Stranger Things Season 3 poster on June 4, featuring the many characters, new and old. Almost everyone is towards the top, above the new monster. Billy, however, is tucked right under the monster’s arm on the bottom-right, and he’s standing out front of Brimborn Steel Works surrounded by a bunch of dead rats with their guts exposed.

This image is starting to look like a huge hint about Billy's fate in Season 3.


Various theories based on episode titles indicate that someone will be bitten and infected by something from the Upside Down. In the Stranger Things Season 3 trailer, Billy has some kind of bite on his arm while in the shower. It seems possible that when he crashes his car at Brimborn Steel Works, he might be bitten by one of these infected rats. Does this transform him into the monster? Is he corrupted by the Upside Down in some fashion?

We don’t really know anything about Brimborn Steel Works, but between this new clip and the poster, it should play a significant role in the Stranger Things Season 3. For all we know, it might be a government cover-up for another inter-dimensional breach, or the Upside Down is corrupting the local wildlife there in another way.

Whatever the explanation is, things are looking dire for Billy in this Stranger Things Season 3 clip, and the Brimborn Steel Works warehouse is going to play an important role.

Stranger Things Season 3 will be released on Netflix July 4, 2019.

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