'Deez Nuts' Wannabes Troll Federal Election Commission

'Obi-Wan Kenobi,' 'Forrest Gump,' and 'Dat Ass' for president.

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Whichever way you look at it, you can either thank or blame “Deez Nuts.”

Ever since the fake Presidential candidate made headlines and gained infamy after polling well in Iowa, similarly fake pranksters with ridiculous names have been inundating the website of the Federal Election Commission by filing their own paperwork for a supposed White House bid.

The best part is that despite the fact that a lot of them are dirty, dubious, and dumb, the FEC is legally obligated to address each filing instead of simply ignoring them. The FEC is also compelled to send a follow up to each file that may include missing or inaccurate information, which should make for some hilarious government postmarked letters.

If you want to get in the fun yourself, you can submit your own paperwork here. But if you want to revel in the absurdity of American politics then here below, submitted without comment, are some of the most outrageous files listed on the Federal Election Commission’s site.

Unfortunately, the paperwork isn’t technically official until the candidate submits proof of raising or spending at least $5,000. But something tells us “Dat Ass,” “Jean-Luc Picard,” or any of the other candidates above won’t be around to fork over the five grand. The joke, however, may actually be on the fake candidates. People found out to have submitted false information in their Presidential bid [may face]( FEC fines. But we’re sure if Deez Nuts did face fines he could just send a letter back asking the FEC is they prefer CDs or tapes.

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