We're Ready for More 'Black Mirror', So When Is the Season 6 Release Date?


Black Mirror Season 5 may have just arrived on Netflix, but we’re ready for more episodes ASAP. There were only three episodes in Season 5 — four if you count December’s choose-your-own-adventure episode, Bandersnatch. In short, being a fan of Black Mirror and having to wait for more episodes is both the name of the game and the worst part about loving the show. So, when will Black Mirror Season 6 arrive on Netflix?

Considering the show has a massive cult following and fans eagerly binge new seasons every time they debut, a Black Mirror Season 6 renewal is likely. For now, though, Black Mirror doesn’t have the official green light for Season 6 and we may have to wait a while. Here’s everything we know about what we can expect for Black Mirror’s future.

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Has Black Mirror Been Renewed For Season 6 Yet?

Black Mirror Season 6 hasn’t been renewed — yet.

A renewal could happen in the next few months, as was the case when it was renewed for Season 5. Per Variety, Black Mirror was renewed for Season 5 in March 2018, just three months after Season 4 debuted on Netflix in December 2017.

What Is Black Mirror Season 6’s Release Date?

Since Black Mirror Season 6 has yet to be confirmed, let alone begin production, it’s hard to say officially when it will arrive on Netflix.

There’s never been too much of a rhyme or reason to when Black Mirror has been released in the past. Season 5 came out in June 2019, Season 4 was released December 2017, Season 3 was released October 2016, Season 2 arrived February 2013, and Season 1 premiered December 2011. What is notable about these release dates, however, is the fact that approximately two years have passed in between seasons (the exception being the time between Season 3 and 4). So if Black Mirror is renewed soon those episodes could be released in late 2020 or early 2021.

How Many Episodes Will Black Mirror Season 6 Have?

The episode count might change from Season 5 to 6, just like it did between Seasons 4 and 5. Episode counts have varied, either clocking in at three episodes a season or six episodes, with the occasional holiday episode or special episode thrown in in between official seasons. Season 5 only had three episodes (“Striking Vipers”, “Smithereens”, and “Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too”) but that episode order revert back to six for Season 6.

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Who Is Joining the Black Mirror Cast For Season 6?

There’s no casting news on the Black Mirror Season 6 front, mostly because it remains to be seen if Season 6 is happening at all.

One of the few sources of fun in the Black Mirror universe (and boy, we need fun wherever we can get it) is the casting choices. The anthology structure of each season means that there is the opportunity to bring aboard tons of talented actors who can give life to each episode.

Season 5 included big names such as Anthony Mackie (Avengers: Endgame), Yahya Abdul Mateen II (Aquaman), Andrew Scott (Fleabag) Miley Cyrus, and Topher Grace. Previous seasons have featured more recognizable actors than we have time to go over completely but some of the big gets include: Bryce Dallas Howard, Jesse Plemons, Letitia Wright, Jon Hamm, Rafe Spall, and Domhnall Gleeson.

Showrunners Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones recently joked about casting former U.S. President Barack Obama in an Americanized version of Season 1 episode “The National Anthem” in an interview with Yahoo Movies UK. It’s unlikely Obama would appear in a remake of that particular episode since the plot involves a politician having sex with a pig — or any other Black Mirror episode for that matter. But hey, it’s good to dream big, right?

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What’s This I Hear About Another Bandersnatch-Like Episode?

Speaking with Yahoo Movies UK, Brooker teased there were some unused ideas that could go toward making another “Choose Your Own Adventure”-style episode like Bandersnatch

“There are all sorts of other ideas came about during the making of Bandersnatch which we may get to in the future. The thing is, if you’re doing an interactive episode, it needs to justify itself. There needs to be a compelling narrative reason as to why you’re using that otherwise, it is just a gimmick.”

There’s no confirmation another Bandersnatch-esque episode will happen but it could be necessary to tide us over until Season 6 happens.

Where Can I Watch Black Mirror Season 6?

If Black Mirror Season 6 does end up happening, you’ll be able to watch it along with the other seasons on Netflix. For now, you can binge Seasons 1-5 and go down the rabbit hole that is Bandersnatch to keep yourself occupied until a new season materializes.

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