'Black Mirror' Season 6 Release Could Bring a Bigger Star Than Miley Cyrus

“It'd immediately be a sexier episode.”


Black Mirror Season 5 just hit Netflix, but the show’s creators are already looking ahead to Season 6. In a new interview, showrunners Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones teases some potential plans for Black Mirror Season 6. Most of these are totally outlandish (and possibly jokes), but considering what we know about the series, we wouldn’t count anything out for now.

Speaking to Yahoo Movies UK, the duo revealed one star they’d like to cast who could be an even bigger deal that Miley Cyrus, who appears in Season 5, Episode 3.

“Maybe we should cast someone like Barack Obama, he’d be good,” Brooker said.

“Shall we put him in the American version of ‘The National Anthem’, the pig one?” Jones replied.

“It’d immediately be a sexier episode,” Brooker joked in response.

Yes, this is mostly just a joke (there’s no way Obama would agree to simulating sex with a pig on Netflix), but the idea of the former president appearing in Black Mirror isn’t as outlandish as you might think. The Obamas already inked a deal with Netflix to produce various shows and movies for the platform, so it would only take a bit of corporate synergy to get Barack in Black Mirror.

The former president isn’t an outspoken Black Mirror fan, but we wouldn’t be surprised if he watched the show. After all this is the guy who asked HBO for advanced episodes of Game of Thrones and True Detective.

Beyond Barack, Brooker also hinted that Black Mirror could try another interactive episode like last year’s “Bandersnatch.” He noted that there were plenty of leftover concepts developed during the process of crafting that choose-your-own-adventure, which could translate into a follow-up episode.

“There are all sorts of other ideas came about during the making of ‘Bandersnatch’ which we may get to in the future,” he said. “The thing is, if you’re doing an interactive episode, it needs to justify itself. There needs to be a compelling narrative reason as to why you’re using that otherwise, it is just a gimmick.”

In the meantime, it may be worth rewatching the original “Bandersnatch.” One of the Black Mirror Season 5 episodes seems to include a direct reference to that interactive experience, creating a shared timeline that could explain how the entire series fits together, and who knows what other clues could be hidden in that episode.

Then again, maybe the real question is: Where does Barack Obama fit into the Black Mirror-verse?

Black Mirror Season 5 is streaming now on Netflix.

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