'Good Omens': 7 Easter Eggs and Behind the Scenes Secrets

7 things we learned from the Amazon miniseries VFX supervisor.

Good Omens begins at the start of creation and ends with the end of the world, focusing mostly on those two moments of biblical proportion. To pull that off, the Amazon miniseries (based on the book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett) turned to VFX expert JC (Jean-Claude) Deguara to bring the apocalypse to life.

Deguara tells Inverse that the entire experience happened at breakneck speed, matching the pace at which Gaiman and Pratchett’s book unfolds.

“We never dwell on a shot for long, because it’s an ongoing story,” he says. “So we don’t normally come back to the effect.”

On that note, here are seven behind the scenes details and Good Omens Easter eggs we learned from Deguara, delivered at rapid fire speed.

7. There are Doctor Who Easter Eggs

David Tennant plays Crowley the demon in Good Omens, but he’s perhaps best know as the Tenth Doctor on Doctor Who. If you were hoping for a subtle nod to the beloved british series you’re in luck. Deguara confirms that “there’s a few in Crowley’s flat.” So keep your eyes peeled during those scenes.

6. The Toughest Special Effect Was Crowley’s Car

Tennant’s character spends much of Good Omens cruising around London and the surrounding countryside in a Bentley, and by the end of the series it’s been reduced to a flaming heap by the iminent apocalypse. Being a demon, that doesn’t stop Crowley from driving it, but for Deguara, this provided a unique challenge.

Crowley's Bentley


“The toughest thing was Crowley’s flaming car,” Deguara says. “He’s actually getting out of the car when it’s on fire.”

He adds, “In the book, there’s tons of references to him driving at 120 miles per hour. We had a real Bentley. It could go about 30 miles per hour. Everything past that was digital.”

5. The Hell Hound Could Have Looked Way Scarier

The Antichrist’s dog is a fearsome beast in Good Omens — until it transforms until an adorable pup — but it was almost even scarier

The hellhound


“We got our own stuff together and presented some stuff that was a bit more fantastical, a bit more gruesome, monstrous,” Deguara says.

4. Hell Was Shot In South Africa

“We didn’t really have to do much the last sequence,” Deguara says of the final scene set in the underworld.

3. So Was the Garden of Eden

Good Omens opens in the moment when Adam and Eve are ejected from the Garden of Eden, and it turns out that was also filmed in South Africa — just with a lot more special effects. That includes loads of green screen and interactive VFX.

“It was kind of kind of a big visual effects sequence,” Deguara says.

2. Satan Almost Looked Very Different

“We came back with stuff that was quite monstrous looking,” Deguara says. “Neil thought we were going down the wrong path, not human enough. The horns on head become more of a crown.”

1. One More Easter Egg

Good Omens snuck some of the show’s own crew into several scenes, specifically the ones set in London streets.

“We used ourselves for the background characters.”

Good Omens is streaming now on Amazon.