'Loki' Release Date and Spoilers for the Asgardian Trickster's Disney+ Show

Marvel Studios.

Loki might be dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or maybe he’s not?), but the trickster god of Norse mythology will return in his very own Disney+ show. He’s not the only one. Marvel is also launching streaming series about WandaVision, Hawkeye, and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but for Tom Hiddleston fans there’s only one show that matters: Loki.

The Loki series is particularly perplexing when it comes to Phase 4 and life after Avengers: Endgame. Considering Loki dies for real in Avengers: Infinity War, questions around what this show could be arose as soon as it was first announced. How would the MCU resurrect Loki? Or will it be a prequel? Or maybe set in Valhalla?

Also, what kind of life would Loki have in his own solo show? Would we see other Avengers in the series or will a brand new cast of characters be introduced?

As we wait for some concrete details, here’s everything we know about the Loki show on Disney+, from possible release dates to plot spoilers to the cast and crew.

Loki enjoys a comfortable refuge in Sakaar.Marvel Studios.

Is Loki Really the Title?

Since this show is all about an Asgardian who has always loved the spotlight, we shouldn’t be too surprised that the show’s title is all about him as well. For now, the series titles really is Loki.

When Is the Loki Release Date?

No release date has been confirmed for Loki.

We know that Disney+ will launch on November 12, 2019. It stands to reason that Loki could launch with the rest of the streaming platform or it will be released shortly after the launch of the platform, either in late 2019 or 2020.

Is There a Loki Trailer?

There is no trailer or even promotional photos for Loki.

Thor and Loki square up to fight their evil sister, Hela, in Norway.Marvel Studios.

How Many Episodes Will Loki Have?

Like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, we’re guessing Loki will be a limited series. As listed on the series’ IMDb page, there are 6 episodes in the season which is a typical episode order for a limited series format.

Who Is in the Loki Cast?

The only confirmed cast member in Loki is Tom Hiddleston, as we previously mentioned. Hiddleston hasn’t commented on his character or involvement in the series’ production yet.

However, Hiddleston seemed to tease his next chapter back in November 2018 on Twitter. In a screenshot photo from his Notes app, Hiddleston wrote, “Loki. More stories to tell. More mischief to make. More to come.”

The Russo Brothers hinted at the slight possibility of Captain America showing up in Loki during an interview with Business Insider. But there has been zero hints and/or announcements from Chris Evans or anyone involved with the show to back up that teaser.

In the same interview, the Russos explained that when Loki grabbed the Tesseract in Endgame and teleported away he created a new branching reality. Not only does that make it extremely hard for Captain America (or anyone else) to retrieve him, it also opens the door to all sort of shenanigans we could see in Loki.

It’s also unclear if any of Hiddleston’s Thor costars, including Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, and Renee Russo, will make an appearance on the series.

What Is the Plot of Loki?

A brief plot description was included in the same The Hollywood Reporter article confirming Rick & Morty writer Michael Waldron would serve as Loki series creator and also write the pilot. The Loki plot description teases that the show will “follow Loki as the trickster and shapeshifter pops up throughout human history as [an] unlikely influencer on historical events.”

There’s plenty of time between when we first meet Loki in Thor and his death in Avengers: Infinity War that could be covered in this series.Thor established that the Asgardians have been known to humans since at least the 10th century, so it makes sense Loki would descend to Earth regularly to pull off some schemes. We don’t know when Loki was born in relation to our own history and we’ve only ever seen him doing his thing in the present day, which means he could be dropped into a wide variety of historical events from our own timeline. There would still be plenty of opportunities to develop Loki as both an ally and enemy, while also showing us different and inventive contexts (in this case, new time periods in history) for Marvel characters to operate within.

If Captain America is going to come back per the Russo brother’s tease, he could interact with Loki while returning each of Infinity Stones to their rightful place in the primary timeline. Or, since the Russos confirmed that Cap creates a separate timeline by staying back in the 1940s to be with Peggy, there’s a chance the 1940s version of Loki meets Cap in that timeline.

Loki gets (temporarily) caught by Thor, Bruce, and Valkyrie.Marvel Studios.

What Do We Know About Loki From Comics & the MCU?

Loki began as a villain both in Marvel comics and in the MCU, but his character evolved over time as Loki’s allegiances changed to suit his own desires and need for self-preservation. His power might be considered sorcery, and it includes the ability to shape-shift, create psionic shields, create illusions, create energy blasts, and teleport. He’s also got standard superhero abilities like super strength, super stamina, and rapid regenerative powers.

In the comics and the MCU, Loki is revealed to be the son of King Laufey, a Frost Giant and former enemy of Odin. The comics show that Loki was born much smaller than most Frost Giants and was treated poorly by his father because of this. After Odin killed Laufey in battle, he was adopted by Odin. From childhood, Loki resented the way he was treated by Asgardians in comparison to his adopted brother, Thor. This treatment, in addition to his early childhood and the nature of his trickster abilities, contributed to Loki becoming more of a villain as an adult.

In the MCU, Loki learns in Thor that he was stolen away from Laufey by Odin as an infant and raised as an Asgardian. From there, Loki’s MCU arc mostly revolves around him doing things like working for Thanos in exchange for total control over Earth (as seen in The Avengers) or trying to kill and/or one-up his brother (Thor: Ragnarok). Occasionally, Loki has shown signs that he’s willing to work with the good guys, like when he stands up to Thanos before his death in Infinity War.

Where Can I Watch Loki?

You’ll only be able to watch Loki on Disney+. Make sure you get a subscription before you try to tune into this first of hopefully many MCU TV shows coming to the streaming platform. Learn everything you need to know about Disney+ right here.