Dan Harmon Trolls 'Rick and Morty' Fans With Bizarre Season 5 Ideas

Could some of these be real?

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Dan Harmon has a table full of Rick and Morty Season 5 ideas ready to share, but they all feel like one epic troll to fans anxiously waiting for Season 4.

Harmon shared a series of images to his Instagram account on Friday of Post-it notes on a table with the caption: “The amount of Season 5 ideas Rob Schrab can come up with in a day is just awe inspiring from a certain distance at which I should have stayed.”

With Harmon, Schrab co-created the short film festival Channel 101, through which Harmon and Justin Roiland met, eventually leading to the creation of Rick and Morty.

Schrab also voiced a few different characters from previous Rick and Morty episodes, but with this collection of random Post-it notes, it looks like he’s helping brainstorm future Rick and Morty plots — or just having some fun assisting Harmon with an epic troll by listing out all sorts of ridiculous plot ideas.

A planet powered by chips and salsa? Anal beads? Most of these ideas sound like things a room full of high people would giggle about rather than fleshed-out concepts, but some of them are promising. The Wicker Man spoof sounds hilarious, as does “dinosaur ghost” and one where someone tries to kill Jerry after a feud on Twitter.

Here’s a list of every individual note that Harmon highlighted in various images:

  • Jerry gets a pinecone in his butt
  • Bark-nado
  • The people’s (basketball) court
  • Morty buys a boat
  • Jerry makes a log cabin w/ hair
  • Artificial person w/ real leg
  • Planet powered by chips + salsa
  • Anal beads
  • When-wolf

Half of these sound like chuckle-worthy interdimensional cable commercials. A universe of robots who manufacture organic limbs statistically does exist out there in the Rick and Morty multiverse, as does a planet powered by chips and salsa and “Bark-nado.”

Zooming in on the cover photo of Harmon’s post also reveals a few more notes not featured in individual posts.

  • Rick’s day care
  • Wesley Sniper
  • Sperm blob
  • Jerry gets into Twitter feud + wins. Now, someone is trying to kill him.
  • Furniture zoo
  • Planet hodags
  • Wicker-man spoof
  • Dinosaur ghosts
  • Food ghosts
  • The king of smiles
  • Summer brings a mannequin to life with amulet
  • Y-ray vision

Wesley Sniper sounds like an excellent character that might work with Danny Trejo’s Jaguar on an action-packed adventure. We also fully support Summer bringing a boyfriend to life with some kind of magic amulet.

But wait: There’s even more.

In a second post, Harmon showed off many more notes that said the following:

  • Detachable fingers (or toes)
  • Woman made of fish
  • Planet of no stop signs
  • Trench coat made of dreams
  • Voltron but with vegetables
  • Invisible pigs
  • Library of food
  • Blood shed
  • Maximum overdrive but with grass
  • Rick discovers the 11th commandment
  • Thing but with women

There’s a real missed opportunity here with “Voltron but with vegetables” to call it “Vegetabletron.” Other than that, this cluster is far less appetizing than the others. Rick discovering the 11th commandment might be interesting, but Rick and Morty often avoids religion altogether. Maybe that just makes Season 5 and beyond the perfect time to mix things up.

It’s possible that this very early brainstorm offers a glimpse at the real process the Rick and Morty team uses to create stories, but only a few of these ideas will come to fruition. Harmon did caption the second post, “Okay there is one in here that I want to write.” Harmon then gives a thumbs-up for the last image featuring the note about Rick discovering the 11th commandment and the “trench coat made of dreams.”

Jerry getting into a Twitter feud reminds me of his time at Jerryboree for some reason.

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Does that mean three years from now we’ll be watching a Rick and Morty episode featuring both these weird ideas? Probably not, but it’s still fun to imagine what Rick and Morty might do with some of these wacky concepts. And we can’t wait to meet Summer’s new mannequin boyfriend.

Rick and Morty Season 4 debuts in November 2019, with Season 5 due out sometime much later than that.

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