Get Personalized Fitness Training Online for Less Than a Gym Membership

Tailored Meal & Exercise Plans With A Simple Questionnaire


The Details:

  • Convenient online personal training for fitness
  • Simply answer a few questions for a tailored exercise and eating plan
  • Make real progress with just 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week
  • Select foods you enjoy and recipes will work them in as much as possible
  • Access content curated specially for you

Why You Want It: Personal trainers provide personalized exercise and nutrition plans based around your goals, and just as importantly, they hold you accountable. But not everyone can afford this kind of attention. Fitterclub gives users access to these same essential advantages without the high price tag. You fill out your profile online, develop a plan for improvement, and follow through as part of an immense online community.

The Deal: The MSRP for a 5-Year Membership is $599.99, but thanks to a limited-time price drop you get an astounding 93% off list price at the Inverse Shop—that’s only $39 compared to exorbitant personal training fees.