'Fortnite' Week 1 Secret Battle Star Location: Utopia Loading Screen Guide

Goodbye Discovery, hello Utopia.

Now that Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9 has begun as of Thursday morning, weekly Discovery challenges are no more, and they’ve been replaced by Utopia challenges. All of the same rules apply: After players complete all seven challenges in a week, they unlock a Utopia loading screen with a clue leading to either a secret battle star or a hidden banner. Historically, odd-numbered weeks are the secret battle star, and that holds true in Week 1.

Once players complete Week 1 challenges like visiting sky platforms and riding the new Slipstream, they unlock a loading screen featuring the new Velocity character back-to-back with Raptor from Season 3. They’re in some kind of huge battle with tons of combatants skydiving down around them.

This is a bit surprising just because of how long Raptor’s been around. Wouldn’t it make more sense to feature some of the other new characters here? At least Velocity does look like a total badass here.

The Week 1 Utopia loading screen clue is incredibly obvious.

Epic Games

Velocity has a minigun, and on the side are four coordinates: I5, I6, J5, J6. 

The last time we saw a challenge of this format was in Season 8’s Week 8 Discovery challenge, so this should be easy for players to suss out. The secret battle star is at the intersection between these four squares on the map.

The first Utopia challenge leads to a secret battle star south of Lonely Lodge. 

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These coordinates leads to a point east of the new Mega Mall and south of Lonely Lodge, just under a cliff where there’s a small shack. The secret battle star is on the eastern side of the road. Look for the two very green trees on the ledge and land just west of that next to the road.

According to the in-game countdown, Fortnite Season 9 won’t end until July 23, so players have plenty of time to complete the Week 1 challenges and gain access to this Utopia challenge.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 9, Week 2 should begin Thursday, May 16.

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