'Fortnite' Week 10 Secret Battle Star Location Leads to a Hidden Banner

Crazy things are happening at Loot Lake.

With the release of Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8, Week 10’s challenges on Thursday morning comes the final Discovery loading screen and challenge leading to a hidden banner somewhere on the map.

Like the Season 7, Week 10 Snowfall challenge, this feels like a prelude to the end of the current season, and we can safely assume that whatever’s going on here will factor in to how the map might change leading into Season 9.

The new loading screen features Season 8 characters Blackheart, Master Key, Sidewinder, and Luxe standing together overlooking the center of Loot Lake from the south. Recent excavations happening offscreen unveiled what looks like an ancient alien device with runes similar to what we’ve seen before from things like the Purple Cube. Leaks and data-mines indicate this has some kind of connection to an “Unvaulting” event supposedly happening on Saturday through which you’ll be able to select an item to remove from the Fortnite vaults.

Blackheart, Master Key, Sidewinder, and Luxe all team up to survey the new ancient machine at Loot Lake.

Epic Games

For Discovery purposes, however, the loading screen shows the faint silhouette of a hidden banner near a truck on the left side of the loading screen. The banner is therefore sitting on the wall in an elevated position, requiring you to build at least one ramp up to reach it.

The hidden banner is in the northwestern area of central Loot Lake.

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The trick is to aim for the building that looks like a white square on the map and then drop just barely south of that and west of the staircase leading up.

Remember that this banner is only accessible once you unlock the loading screen by completing all 70 of the Season 8 weekly challenges. That’s no small feat!

The in-game Season 8 countdown indicates that it could end on Wednesday, May 8. That doesn’t give you much time left to complete all of the challenges and claim this banner. If the runes in Loot Lake are any indication, then it’s possible that a massive volcanic eruption could devastate parts of the map. Is that what the Season 8 characters are worried about in the loading screen?

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