The CW's 'Batwoman': Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More You Should Know

The Arrowverse is officially expanding. On May 6, 2019, TV Line confirmed that The CW has ordered Batwoman to series.

Following the confirmation in May 2018 that the DCTV/CW Arrowverse would expand to introduce Kate Kane, a.k.a. Batwoman, into its lineup, Ruby Rose was cast in August 2018 to play the titular vigilante. Unfortunately, Twitter was ground zero for a heavy stream of mostly toxic criticism about Rose’s casting, with fans voicing concerns about Rose’s acting abilities and causing Rose to quit Twitter.

Thankfully, in the time between her casting news and her debut as Batwoman in the Arrowverse “Elseworlds” crossover event in December 2018, the first look at Batwoman was revealed and restored faith that Rose was the right person for the job and that the creative minds behind the show were dedicated to creating a Batwoman that honored the comics.

With a new teaser also dropping on the same day Batwoman was ordered to series, we thought it was high time to dive in and study up on everything else we know about the upcoming Arrowverse series.

Ruby Rose in the first promotional look at BatwomanThe CW.

Who Is Batwoman?

Batwoman was first introduced in DC Comics’ 2006 limited series 52. Over the course of the 13 years Batwoman has been a part of the DC Comics universe it’s been revealed that Kate is from a wealthy family which includes her father, military colonel Jake Kane, mother Gabrielle, and twin sister Beth. She is also Jewish and an out lesbian, the latter marking her as the first openly gay character in DC Comics history.

There are two notable similarities to Bruce Wayne’s origin story: Kate is a socialite by day and vigilante by night. Kate also loses her mother and sister to gun violence after a group of gunmen take them hostage and kill their bodyguard as the family goes out for a special birthday dinner for the twins.

Kate grows up trying to recover from the loss of her mother and sister, eventually entering the military academy. Kate thrives, but is expelled under the regressive “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy after her relationship with Sophie Moore, a fellow cadet, is discovered.

After Batman saves her life and gives her front row seats to the vigilante show, Kate decides that taking up the mantle is precisely what she needs to do with her life. Again, just like Bruce, Kate doesn’t have supernatural powers so much as special skills and abilities that make her a capable fighter. Those skills and abilities include (but aren’t limited to): archery; espionage; demolition knowledge; extensive weapons training; hand-to-hand combat proficiency, including Judo and Jiu-Jitsu; tracking skills; and expert medical knowledge.

When Will Batwoman Be Released?

Currently, Batwoman will be released in Fall 2019, but we still don’t know a specific date. Even with Batwoman ordered to series, there’s no confirmation on how many episodes have been ordered for the first season. If it follows in the footsteps of other DCTV shows and their respective first season episode counts, Batwoman could get at least 20 episodes ordered for its premiere year.

Is There a Trailer for Batwoman?

The first full-length trailer for Batwoman arrived on Thursday, May 16, a week after a teaser was premiered (watch it above). The trailer established that Batwoman Season 1, which will be released in the fall, will be all about Kate Kane’s superhero origin story, meaning it will take place before her appearance in the Arrowverse “Elseworlds” crossover event.

In the trailer, Batman had left Gotham City, leaving it vulnerable from crime to proliferate in the form of the Wonderland Gang led by the Joker-like villain, Alice (yes, there will be Alice in Wonderland puns). We also meet Kate’s father, Jacob Kane, who runs Crows Security. Kate and Jacob have a loving, if somewhat tense, relationship since the trailer indicates Kate is looking to take on Gotham’s crime situation pre-Batwoman but Jacob is clearly not a fan. Another major plot point shows Kate discovering the Batcave with Luke, a.k.a. Batwing, operating out of it. Kate commissions Luke to retool Batman’s iconic suit to not only fit her but also make sure it’s modified. The trailer is also very clear about establishing Kate and Sophie’s romantic relationship, hinting the Sophie will be the first victim Kate saves from the Wonderland Gang while operating as Batwoman.

Previously, a Batwoman teaser trailer was released on May 6, 2019. The teaser showed the famous Bat Signal shining into the Gotham night sky, cutting to Batwoman walking along a rooftop, looking out over the city. The 17-second clip confirmed the look and tone of the show (dark, moody, mysterious, thrilling, and all that jazz).

Who Is in the Batwoman Cast?

The Batwoman cast is all in place at the time of reporting. Model and actor Ruby Rose will play Kate Kane/Batwoman; Dougray Scott will play Kate’s father, former colonel Jacob Kane, who now heads up private security firm The Crows, a crime-fighting unit intended to keep the peace better than Batman ever could; You’s Nicole Kang will play Kate’s step-sister, Mary Hamilton; Elizabeth Anweis (Twin Peaks, Grey’s Anatomy) will play Catherine Hamilton-Kane, Kate’s step-mother; Rachel Skarsten (Reign) as Alice, the Joker-esque leader of the Wonderland Gang; The OA’s Camrus Johnson will play Lucius Fox’s son, Luke (already identified as Batwing on IMDb and confirming a different origin story than his comics counterpart); and Meagan Tandy (Teen Wolf) as military academy graduate Sophie Moore, who is one of Kate’s first love interests in the comics and likely meant to be a romantic interest for Kate on the show.

From 'Batwoman' #14.DC Comics

What Is the Plot of Batwoman?

Details about the plot of Batwoman have largely been kept under wraps since Rose was confirmed as Kate Kane. The DCTV “Elseworlds” 3-part event in December 2018 confirmed Kate is Bruce Wayne’s cousin (a slight change from the comics) but will have one of the most accurate superhero costumes in the Arrowverse as seen in quite some time (a detail faithful to the comics).

Although specifics are still under wraps, we know that Batwoman will be set in a Gotham where Batman has mysteriously left the city and Kate has risen up in his place to protect it. Just like the comics, Kate will be an out lesbian with, according to The CW’s description of the character, a “passion for social justice.”

The CW’s logline for the show states that “In a city desperate for a savior, Kate must overcome her own demons before embracing the call to be Gotham’s symbol of hope.” So, despite the “Elseworlds” arc acting as the mini-est of backdoor pilots for Batwoman, there will still be some exposition as we follow Kate settling into her role as a masked vigilante.

Based on the casting, chances are good Kate will have some conflicts with The Crows, her father’s private security firm, and the Wonderland Gang’s leader, Alice. Additionally, there will probably be some familial tension with Kate’s step-mother, Catherine, and step-sister, Mary, who Kate will likely see as replacements for her own mother and sister.

Will Batwoman Feature Arrowverse Crossovers?

Rose made her Arrowverse debut as Kate Kane during the “Elseworlds” 3-part event, as seen on Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow, in 2018. Rose’s role in the story acted as both an introduction to Kate and to her Batwoman persona, showing off her skills as the masked vigilante in the process. As previously mentioned, the “Elseworlds” arc confirmed Kate is Bruce Wayne’s cousin, so we can expect lots of Bruce references and comments made about Bruce having a hand in acquiring her gear, training, and secret hideout spot in the coming season.

There have been no announcements about future crossovers between Batwoman and the other DCTV series. However, we can’t entirely rule out a crossover happening since an annual crossover event between all DCTV shows on the air is common practice at this point and Batwoman would now be included.

Kate Kane as BatwomanDC Comics

Where Can I Watch Batwoman?

You’ll be able to watch Batwoman on The CW and The CW wesbite and The CW app. You can access the site through your cable provider or use the app for free on your TV or mobile device.

It hasn’t been confirmed, but there is a chance that the first season of Batwoman could also be scooped up by Netflix and dropped onto the platform in the months after the season wraps. The CW has worked with Netflix before by releasing past seasons of Riverdale on the site and, most recently, the first season of the rebooted Rosewell.

Batwoman will premiere on The CW Fall 2019.