'Game of Thrones' Season 8, Episode 4: 5 Questions That May Be Addressed

The Battle of Winterfell is over, leaving these burning questions about the future of Westeros.

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Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4 could answer big questions that have presented themselves in the previous three episodes this season. Will Bronn finally use the crossbow? Will Euron get his wish with Cersei? How will the strategy and mental state of Daenerys continue to change as the series winds down?

Below are five questions that could be addressed now that the Battle of Winterfell and “The Long Night” episode are in the rearview. Of all the questions we think might be answered this season, here are the ones likely to be touched upon in Episode 4 of Game of Thrones this Sunday on HBO.

Will Bronn Actually Try to Kill Tyrion and Jaime Lannister?

After going unremarked in Episode 3, will Bronn use his crossbow to kill his old friend, Tyrion?


In the Season 8 premiere, Cersei had Qyburn give Bronn the same Lannister crossbow that Tyrion used to kill his own father. Tasked with assassinating Jaime and Tyrion, Bronn set out from King’s Landing and hasn’t been seen since. He’s always been motivated by wealth and self-preservation, but will Bronn really betray his two closest friends in Westeros to do Cersei’s bidding?

Now that the Great War is over, this dangling plot thread should be hugely important in Episode 4 and beyond. Cersei definitely remembers the infamous Valonqar Prophecy that a “little brother” will kill her, so eliminating both major contenders should ensure her safety. There’s always the possibility that Bronn will trade sides and help them defeat the queen instead. (Corey Plante)

Is Tyrion Still on Team Daenerys?

In an official photo from Episode 4 showing Daenerys with two other advisors (Varys and Missandei), Tyrion is nowhere to be seen.

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Tyrion Lannister is still Dany’s Hand of the Queen, but for how long will that last? After falling for Cersei’s lies that she would aid in the Battle of Winterfell, Tyrion is already on thin ice, but in Episode 4, he could turn the tables on Daenerys and switch allegiances yet again.

Game of Thrones already seems to be laying the groundwork for this plot twist, especially through one interaction between Sansa and Tyrion during Episode 3:

Tyrion: “Maybe we should’ve stayed married.”
Sansa: “”It wouldn’t work between us.”
Tyrion: “Why not?”
Sansa: “The dragon queen – the divided loyalties would become a problem.”

Sansa Stark makes a good point, but she may also be foreshadowing a major moment in Episode 4. If Jon Snow and Dany split up (and it looks like they might), whose side will Tyrion be on? We can’t know for sure, but it’s worth noting that in an official photo from Episode 4 showing Daenerys with two other advisors (Varys and Missandei), Tyrion is nowhere to be seen.

Is he just off camera or is he busy strategizing with Jon instead? (Jacob Kleinman)

Will Jon Snow Still Have Any Authority?

How will Jon Snow get on after the Battle of Winterfell?

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Jon Snow’s “win” in the Battle of Winterfell will no doubt have a fallout, but what will that look like? Because it was Arya who killed the Night King and not Jon Snow, will the armies of Winterfell still stand behind Snow, or will they blame him for their devastating losses? Keep in mind that the entire Dothraki horde were wiped out and most of the Unsullied are dead.

The overwhelmingly patriarchal society of Westeros will likely refuse to acknowledge Arya’s contributions to the fight — after all, who was there to witness it but Bran? But will they also still support Jon Snow, too? (Eric Francisco)

When Will Arya Wear Another Face?

In this photo from Episode 4, Arya Stark sports injuries from the Battle of Winterfell.

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Game of Thrones has been holding out this season on revealing Arya’s big party trick to the rest of her family, Daenerys and her advisors, and so forth.

Her power of disguise (albeit a pretty stomach-churning power) could be extremely valuable in Jon and Dany’s plans to reclaim the throne and take out Cersei and her allies.

Chances are also good Arya will be seen as a more formidable asset by Jon and Dany now that she’s killed the Night King, so it makes sense that she would reveal the one skill literally nobody else has, making her even more valuable and more worthy of being involved in the final battle for the throne. Cue all the “Arya is the valonqar” theories… (Allie Gemmill)

Will Jon Turn Against Daenerys?

Will Jon Snow turn against Daenerys Targaryen in Episode 4?


Now that they both know Jon has a right to the throne, will he actually try and fight for it, or will he stay loyal to Daenerys as queen? Knowing Jon, he probably doesn’t want the throne, but it’s a complicated matter. If he tells his family his true identity, will they want him to be the rightful ruler?

If Jon reveals this information to everyone, they might back him again, especially considering they don’t really trust Daenerys. (Mae Abdulbaki)

Here are three more bonus questions that might be addressed during Episode 4:

Episode 4 will feature Cersei and Euron, as this publicity image for the episode shows.

Helen Sloan/HBO
  • Is Cersei still pregnant?
  • Will Cersei marry Euron? There’s a shot where it looks like he’s proposing.
  • Where are Daenerys’ forces going?

Perhaps we’ll know more on Sunday night.

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