This Space Invaders Tatami Rug Is Our New Favorite Thing That Ever Was or Will Be

The classic video game for your living room floor

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If you’re a long time video game fan, this tatami rug is a must-have. Featuring the Taito’s iconic Space Invaders, this rug is a creative take on a timeless Japan floor covering.

It’s made from straw matting, creating a soft, warm and inviting surface, perfect for sitting, eating on, taking a nap, working out, or, if you want to get meta … playing video games.

The mat is 37.4 by 59 inches, large enough to seat two people and drink tea. Though tatami rugs vary and size and thickness, this one is small and light enough that it can be rolled up and taken with you on the go, or stashed away somewhere if you don’t want it out 24/7. It comes in black, red, and neutral.

The intricate detail woven into this tatami rug is really impressive, too. Each of them features the iconic cannons, shields, and an exploding alien invader in the center. The retro image is almost hypnotic, taking you back to a simpler time, so despite all the action, it still has the timeless and relaxing feel of tatami rugs.

Unlike a carpet, it’s easy to clean with soapy water, and you can use it indoors or outdoors. It’s perfect for warm and humid weather, as the material is meant to keep you cool.

These rugs are made in Japan, and though that might be on the pricier side, they come with a tag that they are an official Taito licensed product, and are made to last.

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