This Powerful Nootropic Is the Perfect Start to Your Morning (and Afternoon, And…)

Kickstart your day (and your brain) with a warm cup of matcha tea.

Material Matcha Uji

Waking up to a double-tall latte might be the way you typically start your morning, but there are better ways to kick-start your brain and get a mental boost to help you face the day.

Look, that first cup of coffee is not something I’ll give up anytime soon, but I also know that mixing up my morning routine is a great way to hack both my mind and body. If you’re looking for the perfect start to your morning (and afternoon and evening), why not give matcha tea a try? Matcha, a version of green tea, includes caffeine and L-Theanine (promotes relaxation), which are both considered nootropics.

Nootropics, which are also called “smart substances or ingredients,” are compounds that may enhance brain function, creativity, and mental performance.

By combining caffeine and L-Theanine, you get the benefit of an energy boost and an increase in concentration from the caffeine, followed by the calming properties that come with L-Theanine.

Matcha also gives you extra health benefits including mental clarity and mood, antimicrobial effects, and high antioxidant properties.

The matcha tea from Material Matcha Uji (MMU). This company produces three blends of matcha tea, each with its own distinct flavor profile.

MMU01: A sharp blend of Okumidori, Zairai, Samidori and Yabukita.

MMU02: A smooth blend of Samidori and Okumidori.

MMU03: A full-bodied blend of Samidori and Gokou.

What makes MMU notable is the process they use to craft their matcha tea. According to their website, they focus solely on the highest quality of material, which means, they only use leaves picked at the first harvest — typically happening at the beginning of May.

MMU sells their matcha blends in batches that serve approximately 30 cups. Prices for their three blends typically run $48.90, but they are currently on sale for $26.90. They also offer free worldwide shipping and returns.