'The OA' Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, and More

If you watched the first season of Netflix’s The OA and devoured Season 2 after it launched last weekend, chances are you’re eager to see what happens next on the trippy sci-fi series. After the Season 2 finale cliffhanger, we don’t blame you for immediately seeking out an OA Season 3 release date.

Read on for everything we know about a potential third season, including when it could be released, what to expect from the plot, and more. Make sure to check back because as we learn more, we’ll be updating this page as new information about The OA Season 3 comes out.

What Happened at the End of The OA Season 2?

It all began with one woman, Nina/Prairie/the OA returning home after a seven-year disappearance, no longer blind. Over the course of two seasons, we got to know her and those who came into her life, in more than one dimension.

Season 2 ends with Nina/Prairie/the OA in another dimension, one where she’s Brit (as in Brit Marling, the actress who plays the character) and Hap is Jason Isaacs. Karim, meanwhile, remains in the previous dimension, only to see into the new one — and see Buck/Michelle, who hears him and tries to reach him, only for the two to apparently be sucked out of these two dimensions.

Season 1 ended with Prairie being rushed to the hospital after getting shot in the chest, and Season 2 ends with Brit heading to the hospital after what looked like an on-set injury. However, Steve caught up to the ambulance and knew “Jason Isaacs” was really Hap. But which dimension is Steve from?

What discoveries will be made in 'The OA' Season 3?Netflix

Will There Be an OA Season 3?

Netflix has yet to renew the series, but after that cliffhanger, there will surely be demand for a third season.

Season 1 dropped on the streaming service on December 16, 2016. The series wasn’t renewed for a second season until February 8, 2017, so we may not hear about its future for a couple months. (Season 2 was released on March 22, 2019.)

What Is the OA Season 3 Release Date?

This depends on if the show is renewed. If it is, it may take some time. The gap between Seasons 1 and 2 was over two years long.

As co-creator, writer, and star Brit Marling explained in an Instagram post in November 2018 while fans waited for Season 2, The OA isn’t a typical television series.

“Our chapters vary in length, scope, and even genre,” she wrote. “There is no pattern. As a result, at every step along the way nothing can be imitated, it has to be invented.”

That included the budget and editing to fit the series. Also, since Marling is a lead writer and the star, they had to write the entire season before beginning to film.

When Will the OA Season 3 Trailer Be Released?

That will depend on the OA Season 3 release date. Netflix dropped the Season 2 trailer on February 27, three weeks before the episodes became available. It’s likely that the same pattern will hold true if there is a Season 3.

What Is the OA Season 3 Plot?

We don’t know yet, but we’ve gotten some teases from the cast.

First of all, co-creators Marling and Zal Batmanglij know where the story is headed beyond Season 3. “They’ve got all five seasons mapped out in their head,” Jason Isaacs said to RadioTimes.com. “Everybody will be rewarded by the time we reach the end of the journey.”

And we know that Kingsley Ben-Adir knows what will happen. “I know where it’s going in the next season, which is nuts! Like, unimaginable,” he said in the same interview. “You think it goes there, but then it goes [starts pointing frantically] there and there and then there!”

So one thing’s for certain: Fans may want to start hoping not just for a Season 3, but for Seasons 4 and 5 as well to get the full story.

The OA Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix.

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