Before 'Fortnite' Season 8, Rogue Awards Scholarships to 18 Young Gamers

The Young Rogue wants to train the next generation of 'Fortnite' pros.

The next generation of Fortnite esports athletes just might come through Junior Rogue, an accelerator program designed to help aspiring young Fortnite gamers acquire the resources and training needed take their pro gaming careers to the next level. Having the raw talent needed to achieve victory royale is one thing, but knowing how to handle self-promotion, community management, and other kinds of professional development uniquely tailored to professional esports.

In partnership with Find Your Grind (FYG) and backed by ReKTGlobal, professional esports organization Rogue just announced the 18 teenagers that have been selected to participate in the spring 2019 semester of Junior Rogue. Benjamin “DrLupo” Lupo, captain of Rogue’s adult Fortnite team, serves as a mentor to the students throughout the program, helping teach them skills needed to turn professional gaming into a career.

DrLupo announced the 18 recipients Tuesday night, less than two days before Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8 releases on Thursday. It’s a timely reminder for Fortnite fans young and old that interest in the battle royale game can be leveraged for educational and professional purposes.

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Junior Rogue gives students professional experience in the esports scene and some of the tools needed by pro gamers.


“The Junior Rogue program is structured like basketball camp for the next generation of esports stars who love Fortnite,” Amish Shah, founder of ReKTGlobal and co-owner of Team Rogue, said in an official press release. “We are excited to kick off the new semester and improve upon the success of the previous semester by providing some of the best players in the nation with unforgettable mentorship and scholarship opportunities that allow them to further pursue their passions for esports and gaming.”

The program helps students learn principals of promotion on social media and other live-streaming skills as they attend weekly online seminars exploring how to build different careers in esports. But, of course, Junior Rogue also includes plenty of Fortnite. The program includes live-streamed tournaments that allow the students to showcase their gaming skills.

Here are all 18 students selected (represent just 2 percent of the entire applicant pool):

These 18 young gamers will participate in the next session of Junior Rogue.

Team Rogue
AJO, Orange, TeeJayFN, Bweis, Faint, Fluctra, Skippy_, SloGro, PumpShottyRush, Megga., ottobite, Upsilon, TeKae, t_mmy, Doised, Conjurings, Snowy, and nusui

According to an official press release, these students are considered “hyper-competitive and streaming-focused players, and gamers who aren’t afraid to disrupt the status quo and produce creative, engaging content.”

The spring 2019 semester for the Young Rogue program begins March 4, and even though applications are closed for this session, check back on Rogue’s website for future iterations of the program.

In the meantime, Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8 arrives on Thursday, February 28.

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