'Red Dead Online' Update Notes: Players Aren't Impressed With New Changes 

"No thank you."

Three months after it’s initial launch, Red Dead Online is getting its first major update. And while the changes announced for Red Dead Redemption II’s online experience are substantial, it may be too little too late for fans of the Rockstar Games franchise. In a highly-viewed thread on the Red Dead Redemption subreddit, fans criticized the company’s general approach to updates (three months is a long time to wait for some basic fixes, even in beta), along with specific issues they had with this Red Dead Online patch.

To be fair, Rockstar’s update really does focus on fixing important issues with Red Dead Online, specifically when it comes to griefers (players who focus on attacking and killing other people to ruin their experience). This has been an issue for Red Dead Online, but the latest update corrects in in two ways. First, non-griefing players will be invisible to anyone on the map more than 150 meters away in-game, making it easier to avoid confrontation. Second, aggressive players will be more visible on the map, and murdering innocent bystanders will put a bounty on your head.

The Red Dead Online update also introduces daily challenges that let you earn money and experience, along with new races and other events. There’s new clothing and weapons too, most notably a rare Evan Repeater rifle and a special shotgun you can purchase. But for all those improvements, there’s still plenty to complain about. Here’s a sampling of the issues fans have with the latest update to Red Dead Online.

One of the most frequent complaints is that the Evans Repeater is limited to Red Dead Online, meaning you can’t use it in the single-player Red Dead Redemption II game. Players also complained about the lack of new horses and saddles, along with the high price tag for new clothing in the game.

Other players noted that ever since the update hit the game has been unstable on Xbox One. Responding to a comment about regular crashing and freezing post-update, multiple players confirmed that this seems to be a regular issue.

Finally, here’s one long list of complaints from redditor u/SD99FRC:

Some kinda-neat new clothes, two-thirds of them not available yet, lol. If you like animal fur and reptile skin patterns, this is mostly for you. A couple fun new Emotes. I’m sure some of them will appeal to others more than they did me.
The fixed the Wardrobe bug that allowed you to equip unbought items, boo. lol
3/7 of my Daily Challenges were to kill people One was to kill Seagulls. Okay. One was to buy a new haircut, but mine costs Gold, so “No thank you.”
Another was to join a Gun Rush Team. Sounds easy? Nope. Never got enough players to start the match, lol.
Kill 3 Players with a Maxim Gun. Wait? What? That’s only the kind of challenge you could finish if your friend helped you out by standing in front of a Maxim Gun three times.
The last one was to Eat 5 Fresh Produce. Seriously. My challenge was to eat 5 Pears and Apples. Okay. 1/7 Challenges completed.
Back to my regularly scheduled “Not Playing Red Dead Online.”

Of course, this is just the first Red Dead Online update, and as we’ve seen with GTA Online, Rockstar is willing to keep its online multiplayer games going for years with new features, events, and storylines. Still, considering the initial feedback, it’s not exactly a good sign for the longevity of Red Dead Online.

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