'Fortnite' Season 8 Teaser 3 Previews an Explosive Change for the Island

Was this the Prisoner's doing?

The third teaser image for Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8 is starting to complete the image of what we can expect — literally and figuratively. There’ll be tigers, snakes, pirates, and … volcanos! And it all just might be the Prisoner’s fault.

Epic Games released the third of four teaser images for Fortnite Season 8 on Tuesday morning, teasing “2 days to Season 8.” We’ve known since Sunday’s pirate-themed teaser that the new season would start on Thursday, but something very interesting happens when you combine all three of the teaser images so far.

They coalesce into one seamless image that showcases a pirate’s hook, a snake, and a tiger. All three figures form the shape of a skull in what looks like smoke and the bottom seems like the top of a volcano. There’s also a perfectly proportioned space for a fourth image to fill in the bottom-left quadrant of the whole image.

This is comparable to how the similar Season 7 teasers were all part of the same image, with one teaser being a zoomed in snippet of another, each teasing different Season 7 outfits and cluing us all to the overall season theme.

Some folks out there think the creature in the third teaser looks like a dragon, but it seems to me that this critter is some kind of humanoid feline, probably a tiger. We won’t know for sure if it’s a dragon or a tiger until Thursday.

A dragon would make more sense as a “beast” of “fire and ash,” especially when we’ve seen dragon gliders in the past, and fans speculated that the eggs in the Ice Castle were dragon eggs. (These days, however, people from Epic Games have been implying they’re snake eggs.)

So maybe this guy is just a fire tiger?

More importantly, combining the three teasers makes it clear that there’s some sort of volcano at the bottom, and these silhouettes form the shape of a skull with the ash.

Starting to look like 'Fortnite' Season 8 will start with a huge volcanic eruption.

Epic Games

If we consider all of this evidence, especially in light of the recent seismic activity throughout the island that’s left huge cracks in the ground, it seems like the huge event that’ll reshape the island for the start of Season 8 is going to be a volcano ripping through the ground. has been tracking the seismic activity in recent weeks and detailed the location of every crack in a map that makes it seem like the center of all the seismic activity is under or around Tomato Temple. So if a volcano emerges anywhere, it’s probably going to be right there.

For all we know, all of this was caused by the Prisoner’s ritual he performed atop of a ridge just north of Wailing Woods.

The cracks originated in the northeast corner of the map, but they've spread outward.

If an active volcano does indeed emerge, then practically speaking, that heat should melt all of the snow and ice that’s been on the map all season.

When the massive iceberg crashed into the southwest corner of the island at the start of Season 7, was it all ice and snow? If so, and it melts, then the map would get significantly smaller, closer to Season 6 size.

According to the third teaser, “beasts” of “fire and ash” might also emerge from the volcano.

But what does that even mean? What do pirates, snakes, and tigers have to do with a volcano? We might know more on Wednesday when the fourth teaser is released around 10 a.m. Eastern, but for now, nobody can know for sure.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8 starts Thursday morning, with downtime beginning around 2 a.m. Eastern.

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