'Fortnite' Waterfalls: Where to Visit All of Them on the Map

Another challenge sending players to bodies of water.

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls,” is a timeless line sung by TLC. But if you’re a Fortnite: Battle Royale player hoping to score a free Season 8 battle pass, then you should ignore that piece of advice this week.

On Tuesday morning, a new round of Fortnite unlocked a new round of Overtime challenges. These include a straightforward challenge to search chests and ammo boxes at the Block and another that has players deal damage with shotguns or SMGs. But one of the tricker new challenges has players visit 7 different waterfalls around the map. So where can you find those on Fortnite’s map?

Like usual with this type of challenge, there are more than enough waterfalls across the map for players to visit. So you don’t need to worry about everyone in the game heading to the exact same spot.

Much like the previous rubber duckies and other water-based challenges, all of these locations are obviously near bodies of water across the map, particularly the places where rivers and streams dump into lakes or the ocean. As such, a great starting place for this challenge is to head towards the center Loot Lake, which has three small waterfalls that each count towards this challenge.

There’s another just south of Loot Lake. From there, it’s feasible to head towards Viking Village, but players will need a plane or lots of building materials to get to the peak.

The other best cluster is starting west of Lucky Landing and moving east, or vice versa.

Here’s a map we made to help you hit seven waterfalls before you run out of time.

Here are all known waterfalls that work for this challenge.

Epic Games

Completing 13 of the 16 available challenge awards players with a free Fortnite Season 8 premium battle pass. So plenty of players will pursue this relatively easy challenge over the next week. Also keep in mind that four more Overtime challenges should unlock Friday morning at the usual time of 9 a.m. Eastern.

Season 7 is slated to end on or around February 27, with Season 8 kicking off soon after.

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